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Hate – Solarflesh (2013)


464 HateDriven by the only remaining original member Adam the First (ATF) Sinner, Hate has pursued through just shy of 25 years of touring, releasing and recording, to become one of the most prominent members of the infamous Polish Death Metal scene.  With the combination of Adam, Hexen, Destroyer and Mortifer, Hate has been frequenting the states with bands such as Sepultura, Mayhem, D.R.I and Rotting Christ, while at the same time releasing albums that top its precedent. With an early 2013 album release, the band leaves the whole year to conquer.

As to be expected with Hate, the first track eases into it with something that isn’t truly a song, but achieves its purpose at giving the album its own distinct taste. Morphosis has its “mechanical grinding”, and Erebos has its mystic acoustic intro; but with Solarflesh it sounds like something you’d expect to hear in a documentary of the Roman army, marching to conquer another empire. Perhaps that’s just me and I need to turn off the History Channel, but either way you get the point. Rhythmic thumping and clanking, ominous premonition, and the graduation of guitar into prominence. One thing with Hate, is that every release always seems to be a musical story album. The song and album structures have remained generally consistent to date, but every album has its own individual theme that doesn’t bleed out into any material other than on that particular release. In short, you can listen to Solarflesh and know who the artist is, but its not so much of the “same old, same old” that you quickly go to YouTube and leave half-wit comments on every Hate video about how every song sounds the same.

As the first track winds into the second, you’re kept with a fluid motion between the two, as it takes well over a minute and a half of the second song to even get into the vocals. Although the beginning would still be considered to be “easing into the album”, the lack of vocals doesn’t leave a gaping hole in the song, but rather kick you in the face when ATF Sinner begins. Pardon the drums of course, holy triggers from beginning to end. Hexen has once again overdone himself, making his contribution to the album one of the most prominent. Alchemy of Blood follows with a quick intro, then a display of Adam and Destroyer’s signature guitar sound, without missing a pinch harmonic or pulloff. Overall, the album retains a calm balance between raw guitar tone and anything that wasn’t created by instruments. In songs like Festival of Slaves and Sadness Will Last Forever, the short intros go to great lengths to be parallel with the general theme of the album and you can tell they were more produced than recorded. However, in Endless Purity and Mesmerized, its prominently guitar, drums, bass, and vocals with only a short interlude here and there of production or the brief additions from a guest female vocalist.

In the beginning, songs seemed to blend together as you went deeper into the album, but as I got into it, my appreciation for it only kept increasing. One of the best parts of the album is everything that makes it distinct. It’s hard to place what the overall mood comes from on the album, which makes it that more mysterious and foreboding. The dark imagery portrays the album like it’s from a more sinister era of history, but you can’t place from where or when. While my favorite Hate album still remains at Erebos, Solarflesh is a great addition to their discography and should not be ignored.



01. Watchful Eye Of Doom
02. Eternal Might
03. Alchemy Of Blood
04. Timeless Kingdom
05. Festival Of Slaves
06. Sadness Will Last Forever
07. Solarflesh
08. Endless Purity
09. Mesmerized

Genre: Black Metal

Record Label: Napalm Records

Playing Time: 61 minutes






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