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Gypsyhawk – Revelry and Resilience (2012)


So as I assessed last year, the popularity of old school metal has skyrocketed. Compared to the 90’s, we now have people trading in their synthesizers for vests in order to achieve that true level of awesome. With that in mind, the next band to state their case in old-school supremacy is a band out of California called Gypsyhawk. This foursome just released their first album for Metal Blade, entitled Revelry and Resilience. So the question is this: are they resilient enough to stand up to old-school fakers, or do they revel in what’s popular now, going to the next pseudo-crust-nu-metal phase when it comes around? I can safely lean towards the forward.

So let’s get this out of the way: if you’re looking for something to strike you differently about this album, then you’re in the wrong tree. The band is definitely rock and roll like your parents will remember. Songs like “Frostwyrm” have the prerequisite dual-guitar solos, we’ve got our thudding bass lines in such songs as “1345” and “State Lines” (which do sound very similar), and there’s plenty in between powered by frontman Andrew Packer’s vocals. So if I’m noting the commonalities in this album, why do I say that this album rules? THE FUCKING ENERGY.

When Packer starts singing, you just wanna sing along. For example, in my favorite cut off the record, “Silver Queen”, once he starts going oh-oh-oh, then you’re going to at least stand there and appreciate it or at least sing along. Moreso than other band that pulls that trick, they actually do it with energy, and it actually shows!

My biggest critique is that it sounds way too polished. The mix is incredibly clean. For this style of metal, I feel it detracts from the vibe a bit. It sounds good…too good.

Overall, my assessment is this: if you like rock and roll, you need to listen to this record. If you need an album to have fun with, this is the record for you. And I can safely say this: you ned to see them live. I can only imagine how well these translate in the live stage.


1. Overloaded
2. The Fields
3. Hedgeking
4. Frostwyrm
5. Galaxy Rise
6. 1345
7. Night Songs From The Desert
8. The Red Wedding
9. Silver Queen
10. State Lines
11. Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo

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