Jun 12

Greg Mackintosh of Vallenfyre discussed Fear Those Who Fear Him



Vallenfyre just released their third studio album titled Fear Those Who Fear Him, a collection of 10 crushing songs that together clocked exactly at 39:00 minutes, It might seems short compared with Splinters (2014) and A Fragile King (2011), but fear not as Vallenfyre really have been busy polishing their already dark and raw sound.  

Fear Those Who Fear Him, is so far the most polished album Vallenfyre has released so far. The albums not only has an excellent production, but in some sort of way has some melodic parts here and there that allows the music to break away from what they have done before. The rawness and the melancholy around the whole album and the whole concept of Vallenfyre still there, but It seems songs like An Apathetic Grave and Degeneration are some of the most melodic/raw pieces of music this band has ever produced. 

To get a better idea of what Fear Those Who Fear Him is all about, we talked with Greg Mackintosh vocalist and founder of Vallenfyre about the record, the new Paradise Lost record ‘Medusa’ and touring plans for both bands. 


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