Jan 27

THE GREAT OLD ONES release new album, ‘EOD : A Tale Of Dark Legacy’

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French black metal phenoms THE GREAT OLD ONES have released their highly anticipated new album ‘EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy’ today worldwide. A truly grim journey of cold, gruesome pitch-black metal steeped in nightmarish Lovecraftian lore, ‘EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy’ is streaming now at  Metal Injection.

‘EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy’ is available across several CD and LP formats here.

Regarding the album stream, the band comments: “The time has come to unleash those cyclopean entities. The time has come to celebrate the return of the Esoteric Order of Dagon. The time has come to finally present our new record in its entirety. We are proud to reveal ‘EOD – A Tale Of Dark Legacy’ in its full intense, gloom and doom laden emotionality. We can hardly wait to take the next step and bring our live show to you as well. We are still working hard to deliver a true Lovecraftian experience. Enjoy this dark journey!”

The artwork and track list for ‘EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy’ can be found below:

Track List:
1. Searching for R Olmstead (Introduction)
2. The Shadow Over Innsmouth
3. When the Stars Align
4. The Ritual
5. Wanderings
6. In Screams and Flames
7. Mare Infinitum
8. My Love for the Stars (Cthulu Fhtagn)

Cover art by Jeff Grimal

Heavily inspired by the literary works of American horror icon H. P. Lovecraft, THE GREAT OLD ONES explore the dark, forbidden, and violent spheres of black metal. Following the release of two well-received full lengths, the band are preparing to delve deeper into the dark lore they religiously swear by, with the release of their highly anticipated third album.

Steeped in nightmarish Lovecraftian lore, the band once again draw inspiration from the iconic writer to emanate tense, horrific atmospheres in a flurry of utterly extreme metal. Reinforced by macabre themes and morose subject matter, THE GREAT OLD ONES have made ‘EOD…” one of the year’s most compelling black metal releases.

THE GREAT OLD ONES news and updates will be made available through the Season of Mist website, the THE GREAT OLD ONES Facebook page.

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