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Grave – Endless Procession of Souls (2012)


Grave is a band that has been around for many years, making them veterans in the death metal scene. Originally formed in 1986 they have been through various lineup changes, with vocalist and guitarist Ola Lindgren being the only constant fixture in the band, and the band even went on hiatus for a couple of years in 1997. Despite their ever changing lineup of members Grave still manages to put out music that is true to their roots: good old headbanging death metal.

They began their career with Century Media and released seven full length studio albums through them, with Soulless (1994) perhaps being their most acclaimed album. After their release of As Rupture Comes (2006) the band decided to change things up a bit and began working with the now defunct Regain Records. During their time with Regain Records they released two albums, Dominion VIII (2008) and Burial Ground (2010). After this latest endeavor Grave decided to make Century Media their home once again for the release of their latest release, Endless Procession of Souls (2012).

The album starts off with a simple, low, and dark thirty second intro named Dystopia. The album then immediately jumps into the fast paced riff of Amongst the Marble and the Dead, an eclectic song composed of slow and fast beats, all brought together by old-school chunky death metal riffing, deep hammering drums, and Ola’s raspy and mesmerizing growls . Some of the other tracks that follow, such as Disembodied Steps, Flesh Epistle, and Winds of Chains, are more or less the similar as Amongst the Marble and the Dead. This, however, is not a bad thing. They are songs that slow down and speed right back up in the all the right places. Other songs like, Passion of the Weak, Encountering the Divine, Perimortem, and Plague of Nations do not take this approach as much. Instead these tracks are much more energetic and fast paced from beginning to end, all while retaining that dark grinding sound which Grave is known for. The album rounds thing up with its last song Epos, a dark and brooding seven minute song that may perhaps be the best on the album. It creates almost a dark sort of conclusion for the whole album.

Endless Procession of Souls is an album that from start to finish is nothing but pure classic death metal. Although this album may not be innovative, indeed it is very reminiscent of their older stuff; it is still a very solid album. With its old school crunching guitar riffs, heavy bass driven drums, and guitar solos scattered throughout (all brought together by Ola’s deep growls) it is a continuation of the type of metal that made Grave famous in their niche of the metal scene. This will definitely be an album that will be on my playlist for weeks to come. I recommend any fan of the death metal scene giving this album a chance; you won’t be disappointed and will definitely appreciate Grave’s latest effort.


1. Dystopia (00:35)
2. Amongst Marble And The Dead (05:21)
3. Disembodied Steps (05:42)
4. Flesh Epistle (03:23)
5. Passion Of The Weak (04:36)
6. Winds Of Chains (05:37)
7. Encountering The Divine (03:55)
8. Perimortem (04:39)
9. Plague Of Nations (03:35)
10. Epos (07:45)

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