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God Forbid – Equilibrium (2012)


God Forbid has been one of those bands, love them or hate them, has been a crucial band in what we know as the New Wave of American Heavy Metal (or NWOAHM). Formed back in the late nineties in East Brunswick, New Jersey God Forbid started out playing shows in their hometown until they got signed with Century Media to release their second full-length Determination. It was on their third album Gone Forever that they broke through and played Ozzfest. In 2012 they have released Equilibrium, their sixth album and by the looks of it have changed things up a bit.

In 2009 God Forbid met with an almost fatal blow when Dallas Coyle left right after the release of Earthsblood, all did not seem well until Mack Winlund of Himsa fame came to the fold and with Equilibrium they have shown to make some good quality metal. Equilibrium starts off with Don’t Tell Me What to Dream, a blistering groove of a song that right off the bat you know God Forbid means business. The next song My Rebirth is a bit tamed compared to the first and a bit more on melodic with guitar leads reminiscing of the Amott brothers in Arch Enemy.

Vocalist Byron Davis has never sounded more menacing than on this album. One song that shows this Few Good Men with its brutal vocal assault and fast riffing but in the middle of the song they go into an extremely blackened death metal riff sounding like Behemoth or Belphegor. Equilibrium like Earthsblood before it has God Forbid adding new styles to their Metalcore sound to a point that they don’t really sound very Metalcore at all. The song Overcome for instant has synth keys adding a new dimension to God Forbid. There is a definitely a more Melodic Death Metal/Thrash element in Equilibrium then was on their earlier album. Whether or not this a good thing or bad, Equilibrium shows God Forbid fully mature and the lost of Dallas Coyle hasn’t hurt them at all.

1. Don’t Tell Me What To Dream

2. My Rebirth

3. A Few Good Men

4. Scraping The Walls

5. Conquer

6. Equilibrium

7. Overcome

8. Cornered

9. This Is Who I Am

10. Move On

11. Pages

12. Awakening

13. Where We Come From

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