Aug 25

God Bless Ozzy Osbourne Documentary (2011)


Many things had been said about Ozzy Osbourne, from devil worshiper, drug addict and alcoholic to be a bad influence in society. Some of those things are true, but what Jack Osbourne his son intended with this documentary, besides tell the story of his father and his battles with life. From his youth in a working class family in Astoria (England) to his success with Black Sabbath and later in his solo career. Is tell the story of Ozzy Osbourne the father and his battles with himself.

This documentary shows not only Ozzy Osbourne as the rock star that begun his music career as part of the most influential band in metal history, and then his successful solo career that with drugs, alcohol and scandal took him to be named as the prince of darkness. This movie shows Ozzy as the family man who with all the problems, addictions and misbehaviour achieved a change in his life and his vindication as father and husband.

God Bless Ozzy Osbourne delivers a message far beyond of the iconic character and what he represents to rock and roll, is the real life story of the issues that rock stars have to go through in and out the stage and the difference that they made in their life of those around them.

A very deep storytelling documentary that reflects the character of the Godfather of metal, but from his son perspective and shows the life of Ozzy from wrongs, to worse, to wrongs again, and to rights. Is a film worth watching as sneaks into the rock star life from the inside to show that behind the legend is a man with rights and wrongs like any ordinary human being.

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