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FIRESPAWN – The Reprobate (2017)


It is without a doubt that Sweden has some of the best bands in the extreme metal world. For me personally, Sweden is home to some of my favorite Death and Black Metal bands, and I’m proud to say that the mighty Firespawn, is one of them! 

Previously known as Fireborn, and forming in 2015, Firespawn has a pretty legendary lineup, with Lars Petrov of Entombed on vocals, Victor Brandt, also of Entombed on guitar, Alex Friberg of Necrophobic on bass, Fredrik Folkare of Unleashed and Necrophobic on guitar, and Matt Modin of Dark Funeral and Defleshed on drums. Seeing that amazing lineup alone should make any Death Metal fan pause whatever they’re doing, and check out this killer band! With a single that was released as an EP on CD and limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, entitled, “Lucifer Has Spoken,” and an LP entitled, “Shadow Realms,” both released in 2015, Firespawn will be releasing their second full-length album entitled, “The Reprobate,” through Century Media Records this coming Friday, April 28th.

The Reprobate starts out with a great track entitled, Serpent of The Ocean. Having watched the video for this song just last night, I was pleased to find out it was the opening song for the album. The intro has an awesome, non-distorted riff, and all the other instruments soon follow. LP comes in with a hefty “Ooh,” and the song quickly turns into a very catchy, yet heavy masterpiece. Having the track title in the lyrics makes it a very memorable song, and what’s the first song on an album without a bad ass guitar solo? The song ends with the main verse of the song, so the main verse was cemented into my mind, which in my opinion, is a good thing since the lyrics are one of the elements of music that I pay attention to the most.

The second song on the album, Blood Eagle, is a short but far from a disappointing track. With great guitar licks, and vocals that give off a vibe of someone being tortured, it did give me the idea of the torture and execution method called blood eagle, that was used in Nordic countries, most commonly among the Viking community. After the sweet guitar solo, the song comes back with some of the main riffs and those brutal sounding vocals. It ends with what sounds like the final cry of someone who was dying from having the blood eagle ritual performed on them. It doesn’t get more Death Metal than that…

Death by Impalement is my favorite song on The Reprobate. I thought the clean vocals sounded amazing and complemented the music well. I like how those vocals lead up to the guitar solo, and then the vocals come back in during the solo. I also really like how the drums sounded throughout the song. It’s one of those songs about killing off all the enemies, and I personally love the line, “Screams of anguish in the light of the moon.” I could see Death by Impalement being used in a horror film about vampires or werewolves. It would be pretty sick!

The song after Death by Impalement.  General’s Creed, is my second favorite song on the album. Opening with all instruments, and followed by a short guitar solo, it makes it an explosive start to another mighty track. I also enjoy how the drums sound throughout this song, as there are some awesome drum fills with a great sounding groove. I like how the bass guitar is more noticeable as well, especially at the beginning of the song. It ends with the word “creed,” being echoed.

The title track of the album was another favorite of mine. I feel like it captures the definition of “reprobate,” as the vocals sounded a bit deeper and more sinister to me. I also really enjoy what sounds like both guitarists going back and forth doing solos and the guitar licks throughout the song. It really gets your attention, and it makes for a great lead up to the ending of the song.

The last song on the album, Nightwalkers, opens with both guitars, and the drums and bass soon follow. Like General’s Creed, this song has a guitar solo at the beginning, and the vocals come in after that. Also, like the previous song, The Reprobate, this song is filled with more guitar solos. It sort of fades out at the end of the song, and it’s a great ending track to a great album.

In conclusion, I believe that The Reprobate is melodic during certain parts, yet always heavy and brutal. It’s also simplistic and repetitive in a way that it stays in your mind, and will be easily memorable. I would highly recommend this album to Death Metal fans who want some Death Metal with an old school vibe and grooves, but also want some sweet melodies thrown in.

Rating: ★★★★★


  • Serpent of The Ocean
  • Blood Eagle
  • Full of Hate
  • Damnatio ad Bestias
  • Death by Impalement
  • Generals Creed
  • The Whitechapel Murderer
  • A Patient Wolf
  • The Reprobate
  • Nightwalkers

Genre: Death Metal

Record Label: Century Media Records

Playing Time: 42:57


A. Impaler: Bass
Victor Brandt: Guitar
LG Petrov: Vocals
Fredrik Folkare: Guitar
Matte Modin: Drums



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