Apr 13

Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell checks in with The Age Of Metal


Is not doubt that Moonspell has been one of the pioneer bands on the gothic metal scene along with Paradise Lost, Type O Negative, Lacrimosa and My Dying Bride since their beginning back in the early 90’s, and their dark style and lyrics has been a huge influence in gothic metal ever since. This year Moonspell returns with a new masterpiece Alpha Noir/Omega White, their 9th studio album, and the first double album in the history of the band.

Alpha Noir is a fast album that keeps the dark components of the band, but also adds modern elements of modern gothic metal without compromising the unique sound that the band has developed through the years. On the other hand Omega/White is a softer version of Moonspell that keeps the romance between light and darkness going. Still way different at what they did on their last album Night Eternal, Alpha Noir/Omega White are two sides of the same coin.

Last week we has the pleasure to talk with Fernando Ribeiro vocalist and founding member of Moonspell, we talk about Alpha Noir/Omega White, the idea behind the album, their new label, the gothic metal scene and the plans of Moonspell for the future

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