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Entrails – Raging Death (2013)


Entrails - Raging Death

Swedish death metal band Entrails has conquered with another album. This third release, titled Raging Death, has the perfect blend of brutality and eeriness. Old school death metal fans will be ecstatic to find an active band that writes ruthless music. Gore metal fans will achieve boners due to the obscene imagery in the lyrics. Entrails is definitely a band that appeals to a number of listeners. Raging Death is the first album Entrails released on Metal Blade Records, the new home for Entrails.

With heavy riffing, grotesque lyrics, and creepy sound effects, Raging Death stands out to any listener. Tracks such as “In Pieces” will drag you in and annihilate you. The best way to describe Raging Death is the typical death metal album a fan will get amusement out of, but will make your mom uncomfortable. This album is definitely malignant, minus the cheesiness and the awful quality. Actually, the quality is perfect thanks to metal heavyweight Dan Swano who mixed and mastered the album. Overall, this album is solid and powerful, yet entertaining.

With all of the good publicity this band has been receiving, this album will surely be triumphant. Entrails have had great lengths since their formation in the early nineties. Raging Death will be sure to attract new fans as well as old. Entrails contains that perfect amount of talent, loyalty, and ambition; maybe a little bit of gore mixed in. From here on, Entrails can only get bigger. Then again, Swedish metal has never failed anyone.

entrails main pic for promo by Emelie M. Hellden


1. In Pieces
2. Carved to the Bone
3. Bloodhammer
4. Headless Dawn
5. Cadaverous Stench
6. Descend to the Beyond
7. Death League
8. Chained and Dragged
9. Defleshed
10. The Cemetery Horrors

Genre: Death Metal

Record Label: Metal Blade Records

Playing Time: 45 minutes


Jimmy Lundqvist – GuitarMathias Nilsson – Guitar
Jocke Svensson – Bass and Vocals
Adde Mitroulis – Drums


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