Aug 21

Ensiferum – Unsung Heroes (2012)


2012 marks the return of the “Sword Bearer” or Ensiferum as we know them, after being silent during the past three years the pagan/folk metal pioneers returns with another masterpiece.

Unsung Heroes, is not only more epic than their 2009 album From Afar, but is also a more elaborated album from the production perspective. The album opens with Symbols a small intro that sets the tone of the album, and is the cue that battle is about to begin. In My Sword I Trust is a strong song, not too heavy not too slow, but enough to carry you to the battlefield. Unsung Heroes is an enchanted track full with great backing chorus, and a great instrumental piece that transport you to the Finnish forests on a winter morning. In other words, epic as fuck.

Burning Leaves is a track that totally has its roots in the Victory Songs era very charming, catchy and violent at the same time, Sami’s clean vocals  give the song a special texture that works perfectly with Petri’s harsh voice. Celestial Bond is a ballad that is totally dominated by Emmi’s sweet voice, the background folk atmospheric music put the song to a different level. Retribution  Shall Be Mine, is one of the fastest songs on the album, really strong and brutal. No questions asked, just bang your head to the music and glorify the ancient gods.

Star Queen (Celestial Bond Part II) is another piece almost acoustic that has a great melody and bears that rhythmic singing style that Ensiferum add to pagan/folk metal so many years ago, and that became the band’s trademark. Pohjola is a more kind of dancing song, filled with a great background vocal work, and really fast riffs. Last Breath is a relaxing song in which the violin, the guitar and Sami’s voice made the perfect combination of an Ensiferum epic tune. The album closes with Passion Proof Power a sixteen minute track that is almost half of an album, and shows the epicness that Ensiferum is capable to deliver, the song itself is a journey from slow melodies, to fast riffs and beautiful musical textures.

Unsung Heroes is not only the return of Ensiferum to the battlefield, but is a testimony of how pagan/folk metal is done, that even today with many bands doing their own interpretation of this music, only Ensiferum can deliver that magical and epic sound in each of their songs that break them apart from the rest, a flawless comeback to battle from an élite band pioneer of this genre.


01. Symbols
02. In My Sword I Trust
03. Unsung Heroes
04. Burning Leaves
05. Celestial Bond
06. Retribution Shall Be Mine
07. Star Queen (Celestial Bond Part II)
08. Pohjola
09. Last Breath
10. Passion Proof Power

Genre: Folk/Battle/Pagan Metal

Record Label: Spinefarm Records

Playing Time: 60 Minutes

Line Up:

Petri Lindroos – Vocals/Guitar
Markus Toivonen – Guitar/Vocals
Sami Hinkka – Bass/Vocals
Janne Parviainen – Drums
Emmi Silvennoinen – Keyboards/Backing vocals


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