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EMPTINESS stream new album, ‘Not for Music’

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Belgian experimental death and black metal band EMPTINESS are streaming their highly-anticipated new album, ‘Not For Music’. The sinister, brooding mix of metal and dark rock is streaming now exclusively at Noisey, featuring an in-depth interview with the band’s producer for the album, Jeordie White (aka Twiggy Ramirez of MARYLIN MANSON).

Regarding the new album, the band comments: “With Emptiness, the debate revolves around the way to categorize it. Yet, not being like others is our essence. In such a vast universe, and confronted to endless sources of inspiration, we should all be our own selves. This title is a kind of provocation, but also a way for us to say that “nothingness” is our music.”

‘Not For Music’ was recorded at Blackout Studio, produced by Jeordie White (MARYLIN MANSON), and mixed by Sean Beavan (GUNS AND ROSES, NINE INCH NAILS and more).  ‘Not For Music’ will be released by Season of Mist worldwide on January 20. Pre-orders for the album are available now at the Season of Mist E-Shop.

The album track list and cover art for ‘Not for Music’ can be found below.

Track List:
1. Meat Heart
2. It Might Be
3. Circle Girl
4. Your Skin Won’t Hide You
5. Digging The Sky
6. Ever
7. Let it Fall

Founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1998, EMPTINESS have since maintained a vision to explore darkness and horror, while taking musical inspiration from the extreme aspects of black and death metal, approaching these in a truly unique experimental way. The band have since created waves in the underground, and a cult following, after the release of 4 well-received lengths, the latest of which have earned the band several “best of the year” mentions.

EMPTINESS prefer to express their biography in their own words:  

“Think having, think defending your turf, but once asleep I will dance on your bones. So go and hope boy… Go mash the roots of knowledge… Nothing really matters when you are nothing, nothing but the whole. But we know what lies behind the curtain; all is known but no one knows… These are the melting words, the tale of a burning man, the concrete and the anti-life. It’s so easy to open yourself and control hazard. Think those corpses are just alive for a little while, let them dance and love each other. And all will be blurring because all is not, each step tightening the knot more. The liquid and the light, as a start and an end. Between the two, being a flaccid stone. Breaking out of the egg, prison from the past. The past is death, so let’s get fried by the future. Escape with me, let’s get drowned in the lowland. There, sleeps the answer for all life and death. And remember, meaning is a liar, questions and answers never meet.”

EMPTINESS news and updates will be made available through the Season of Mist website, the EMPTINESS Facebook page.

EMPTINESS live dates:
April 22 Tilburg (NL) @ O13 – Roadburn Festival

What the press is saying about EMPTINESS:
“This is indeed dreamlike music: slippery, shifting, averse to patterns and logic, discomfiting, even frightening. And while lots of bands dabble in such hallucinatory sounds, few commit to it as fully as Emptiness do here, and fewer still succeed so completely…(it) isn’t just surrealistic music, it’s music that provides for the listener a surrealistic experience. – Stereogum

“Intensely claustrophobic. And ill. I’m not sure I’ve heard music that felt so thoroughly diseased.” – Angry Metal Guy

“Dark, challenging, melancholic, and just plain badass” – Noisey

Top photo by: David Fitt

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