Aug 31

Eagle Twin – The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Scale (2012)


It’s funny: Eagle Twin is a totally new band to me. I’d heard of them, but never listened to them until their new album, The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Scale was delivered to me. Last I heard, they were on tour with Gaza, so I expected something along those lines. I didn’t get that. This was more of an amalgamation of the flowing musicality of Pelican with the fuzzed out sounds of Earth, Sleep, and other bands of the same vein. But does that make it good?

First off, I will gladly say that this album gets off to a good start. It’s all incredibly refreshingly heavy, yet musical. However, as the Ballad of Job Cain keeps going, the first second just goes on a bit too long. However, around the three minute mark, we get really tortured vocals and a drum solo! These vocals continue on until about the end where we get this actually really cool guitar solo.

Most of this album continues in this fashion: interesting idea, repeated a little too long. This record is solid. But it’s way too long/way too repetitive. For example, in Snake Hymn, there are plenty of great riffs. Around the 6:30 mark we’ve got this fantastic drum/guitar combo going on. But then afterwards, the same ideas come into play over and over. The guitar and drums play the same pattern for quite some time. I enjoy doom metal quite a bit, but even for me, it got stale at times.

Overall, my assessment is this: this is a quite good album. The band is good. But just because a riff is a good riff does not make it a good riff that bears repeating over and over. Sometimes it works. But in this case, the slow pacing and the repetitive riffs make it a tough sell

Track List:

1. Ballad of Job Cain, Part I
2. Ballad of Job Cain, Part II
3. Lorca (Adan)
4. Snake Hymn
5. HornSnakeHorns
6. It Came To Pass The Great Snake Grew And Grew Until His Mighty Antlers Could Not Be Sustained So He Turned In Upon Himself And With A Great Thunder His Spine Pushed Up The Mountain And Gave Birth To Lightning And The Horns Pierced His Side And Became Trees And Branches The Tips Broke Off And Became Birds And Flew
7. Epilogue, Crow’s Theology

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