May 18

Diablo Swing Orchestra – Pandora’s Piñata (2012)


I discovered Diablo Swing Orchestra back in 2007 a year after the release of their first album The Butcher’s Ballroom which got me out of guard, A swing metal album? (yeah I was like what it’s that) well It was a new concept that this Swedish band brought up to the metal scene at the time, and since them it has been their trademark.

This year Diablo Swing Orchestra returns with a new album Pandora’s Piñata, a more diverse and daring record. The album opens with Voodoo Mon Amour a swing song very on their style, but stronger and faster than Balrog Boogie, the first track out of The Butcher’s Ballroom to put an example. Guerrilla Laments is a very Latin song with diverse Caribbean rhythms which  makes it a very fun and progressive track, but in an unorthodox way of progressive. Kevlar Sweethearts is a more passive song, fill of ups and downs and very versatile that has a great combination between strings, percussion, and voice. How To Organize A Lynch Mob takes music elements from the far east with an Asian kind of intro that evolves into a fast swing.

Exit Strategy Of Wrecking Ball is a very progressive song that pulls a lot influences from the British band Muse on the vocal parts, and in some of the musical structure. I am not sure if this was totally intentional, but it works great for the album. Aurora is a very calm song with so much beauty on the operatic parts that it could work perfectly on a classic Disney movie. Mass Rapture is a very oriental song that at the beginning I thought it was a collaboration with oriental progressive metal band Orphaned Land because the fusion between progressive riffs and oriental background music. Honey Trap Aftermath & Of Kali Ma Calibre are such of chilled and fun songs to listen to, really full of classic swing and jazz elements. Justice For Saint Mary closes the album beautifully on a classic semi acoustic ballad that put a lot of character to the album.

Overall Diablo Swing Orchestra surprise us again with another musical masterpiece, that literally is all over the place, from Swing, Asian music, Oriental music, Metal, Progressive, Latin, Jazz, Opera, Classical and everything in between. Pandora’s Piñata is definitely a must have album for those who love more than only one music genre on their metal diet.


01. Voodoo Mon Amour 04:39
02. Guerilla Laments 05:03
03. Kevlar Sweethearts 04:32
04. How To Organize A Lynch Mob 00:54
05. Black Box Messiah 03:02
06. Exit Strategy Of A Wrecking Ball 06:11
07. Aurora 05:13
08. Mass Rapture 06:11
09. Honey Trap Aftermath 04:22
10. Of Kali Ma Calibre 04:31
11. Justice For Saint Mary 08:30

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