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Destruction – Spiritual Genocide (2013)


Destruction - Spiritual Genocide - Artwork

After 30 years of incredibly brutal thrash metal Destruction still has it.  To celebrate this giant mild stone in their career the band has come up with the album “Spiritual Genocide,” which demonstrates their skills talent and incredible efforts to still sound fresh after so many years.

It goes to show the hard trio from Germany will still rip you to shreds with their immense sound and presence.  Its is really amazing that all this killer music that has been pumped out of them over the years was created by these three great individuals (Schmier – Bass, Vocals & Hate, Mike – Guitar, Vaaver – Drums for the past 2 years {original drummer was Tommy}).

Founded in 1982 with their first cd release in 1984 (Sentence of Death) the band has come a long way since their early days.  They always have managed to keep it raw, extreme and aggressive.  With an impressive discography of about 20 albums all being released almost a year between each other Destruction has always been hard at work.  Their hard work and unique sound is what makes them such an important iconic thrash band in the metal scene.

After listening to “Spiritual Genocide” it makes you wonder how much creativity and inspiration do they have to come up with so many riffs over the years.  This album does not disappoint.  With a marching sounding intro the cd kicks off with Exordium.  The title track off  the album “Spiritual Genocide” sounds totally lethal & perfect.  Speed, Schmier shrill voice & that thrashy beat, it’s simply flawless.  The sound of sirens going off in the distant is what you hear when the killer song “City of Doom,” come on.  As always added effects can add more substance to a song making it feel like a story that you hear in this case it won’t end in a happening ending but more a long the lines of a bloody death cause by mayhem and chaos.   After about getting past the half way point we settle down with a song called “To Dust You Will Decay” its slower intro shows diversity and really has a good transitional flow as we get closer towards the end of the tracks.  To close things off the last track on the album “Under Violent Sledge” was a perfect choice.  The song is ridiculously fast and truly violent sounding.

As a fan of Destruction I must say I admire them for what they have accomplished and how consistent they have stayed over the years.  Always kept to their sound and always so innovative.  To be in the business for the past 30 years Spiritual Genocide is honestly an amazing album they should be proud of because they still got it and will keep bringing it for years to come!

Track List 
01. Exordium
02. Cyanide
03. Spiritual Genocide
04. Renegades
05. City Of Doom
06. No Signs Of Repentance
07. To Dust You Will Decay
08. Legacy Of The Past (Guest Version feat. Gerre/TANKARD & Tom Angelripper/SODOM)
09. Carnivore
10. Riot Squad
11. Under Violent Sledge

Genre: Thrash Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Playing Time: 41:30





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