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Death – Spiritual Healing Deluxe Reissue (2012)


From the deepest darkest corners from the pits of hell the legendary incredibly influential band known as Death is reissuing their album “Spiritual Healing.”  Originally released in 1990 this incredible album is still innovative and inspiring as it was then.  Started in the late 80’s the band made their mark in history.  At the time their music was ground breaking and really left a mark in the metal scene.  They continued to release albums through out the years until the sad passing of Chuck Schuldiner. 

The reissue includes  brand new liner notes from DEATH players James Murphy and Terry Butler, Chuck‘s sister Beth Schuldiner and VOLBEAT frontman Michael Poulsen, Disc 1 features a completely new remaster of the original album and Disc 2 contains 16 previously unreleased rehearsal, outtakes and studio instrumentals.  This special cd package is a great reminder of how important and influential Chuck Schuldiner was to his band mates, fans and family alike.

“Living Monstrosity” is just as clear as crisp as ever.  The song sounds amazing you can hear how clean it is and it does a killer job of highlighting its sick guitar rifts.  Raw, filled with hate & aggression, that can only be “Altering the Future.”  The second track off the album still has its rough & gritty essence of Chuck’s voice.  “Spiritual Healing” the titled track off the album will still give you the chills like the first time you heard it.  All the other tracks on the album are very personal tracks that give you a deeper connection and feeling when you listen to them.  It’s a very nice touch to let us hear rehearsal songs because these are rare moments that can not be recreated and that usually only bands the bands themselves experience.  Its like being at their practice space and listening to them “unplugged.”

Over all the whole compilation of the tracks is great.  Remastered plus rehearsals, studio instrumentals & Joke / Jam Tracks is a great idea because it lets you revisit an amazing album in death metal history and reminds you of Chuck’s talent and voice.  It also shows how much he is still missed and will never fade away.  To every Death fan out there if you already heard this album you haven’t heard it like this.  Pick this up and relive a decade that is now gone through your ears.

Track List (personal picks*)

Disc 1 – “Spiritual Healing” – Remastered

01. Living Monstrosity*
02. Altering The Future*
03. Defensive Personalities
04. Within The Mind
05. Spiritual Healing*
06. Low Life
07. Genetic Reconstruction
08. Killing Spree

Disc 2 – “Spiritual Healing” – Rehearsals

Altering The Future
Defensive Personalities
Within The Mind
Within The Mind – Take 2
Spiritual Healing
Killing Spree

Spiritual Healing – Studio Instrumentals

Defensive Personalities
Spiritual Healing
Within The Mind

Joke / Jam Tracks

Satanic Jam
Primus Jam
Jon a Qua – Take 2
Jon a Qua – Take 3
Jon a Qua – Take 4
Jon a Qua – Take 5
Jon a Qua – Take 6

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