Jun 24

Chthonic – Bú-Tik (2013)



Taiwanese extreme metal demons Chthonic had returned to the metal spotlight with a new album titled Bú-Tik, which is a high contender to be on my top 15 albums of 2013. If Takasago Army catapulted the band to a higher ground in the metal scene, Bú-Tik will consolidate the band as one of the best metal acts in the world.

Bú-Tik not only surpasses Takasago Army on many musical and technical aspects, but it brings out Chthonic to a new level, as their image is more modern, fiercer, and more intimidating than ever before. The album opens with Arising Armament, a combination of oriental percussion and flutes that is like a war cry for what it comes next. Supreme Pain For The Tyrant is my favorite song out of this record. A really epic tune with oriental symphonic backgrounds, that combined with the aggressive musical style of the band creates a perfect balance of beauty and brutality. Sail Into The Sunset’s Fire, is not doubt one of the darkest and heaviest songs on this record. I can not imagine the mosh pit for this song if they play it live, insanity must be expected.

Next Republic and Rage Of My Sword continue carrying the album into extreme territories, the background oriental symphonic parts are just amazing. The voice of Freddy Lim just clashes head to head with the sharp riffs coming out of Jessie Liu‘s guitar, whose sound on this record reminds me a lot of Michael Ammoth of Arch Enemy. Really wicked songs. Between Silence And Death, is a more melodic song that keeps up with the speed and heaviness of the record, but adds a more melodic approach to the guitar playing that fits perfectly within the symphonic parts of the song, a really good mix.

Resurrection Pyre stands as a the rebel child of the album, again the vocals of Freddy Lim just blew me away, and the musical complexity of the band at the time to create a track so different to the rest of the album that keeps the heaviness and melodic approach, makes Chthonic such a unique band. Set Fire To The Island and Defenders Of Butik Palace keep up with the pace of the album, but turned out more melodic and highly symphonic influenced than the rest of the songs in the album. The album closes like started, with an instrumental of percussion and flutes called Undying Rearmament.

With Bú-Tik, Chthonic moves into a whole new game, as they shape even more their identity as a band, and consolidate their sound. The use of traditional oriental music mixed with extreme metal melodies and a message reflecting the history of their country makes Chthonic unique in this genre. Indeed the band has a lot of western influences, but they keep their concepts and ideals close to their home, which is what makes them so appealing to the metal crowd.



  1. Arising Armament (Intro)
  2. Supreme Pain For The Tyrant
  3. Sail Into The Sunset´s Fire
  4. Next Republic
  5. Rage Of My Sword
  6. Between Silence And Death
  7. Resurrection Pyre
  8. Set Fire To The Island
  9. Defenders Of Bu-Tik Palace
  10. Undying Rearmament

Genre: Oriental Metal

Label: Spinefarm Records

Playing Time: 40 minutes

Line Up:

Freddy Lim 林昶佐 – Vocal, hena violin
Jesse Liu 劉笙彙 – Guitar
Doris Yeh 葉湘怡 – Bass, Background Vocal
CJ Kao 高嘉嶸 – Synthesizer, Piano
Dani Wang 汪子驤 – Drums


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