Nov 21

Christopher Bowes of Alestorm talked to The Age Of Metal


From across the sea through the clouded storms pirate metal band Alestorm along with Insomnium & Epica on November 17th at Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix Arizona.  The show was packed, hot and sweaty.  Insomnium was very beautiful live and got the crowd going for the evening.

Then Alestorm hit the stage and of course were very silly and had a great set.  Their stage energy was awesome and got the pit going.  Epica was incredible live as always and played a few extra songs during their encore.  Over all it was a great show with 3 very diverse styled bands. The Age of Metal was able to speak to  Christopher Bowes about new album, future European tour, new dvd plans and much much more.

You can find some of the pictures at the show HERE


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