May 18

Chris Barkensjö of The Resistance checked in with The Age Of Metal



I am still surprised that metal is not an official exportation product from Sweden, they come out with a great band almost on a daily basis, and the boys of The Resistance are the living proof of that.

Formed by experienced ex members of bands like In Flames, Grave, and The Haunted. The Resistance released their first studio album called Scars less than a week ago. With a sound forged by hardcore, old school death metal, and seasoned with a violent lyrical content that would make you smash some skulls at the mosh pit, if you are lucky enough to see them live. This band means serious business. They are not a project of musicians that got bored and decided to jam over some riffs while drinking beer and cracking old jokes, not even close to that. The Resistance is here to deliver a clear message; “We are here to return death metal back to its true glory“.

After releasing an EP titled Rise From Treason at the beginning of the year, which is only a small sample of what their new album Scars really is, with this album The Resistance shows an approach to the death metal sound that any band had done since the times of Dissection or Edge Of Sanity. The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with drummer Chris Barkensjö about the band’s new album, their sound, their musical influences, and what is next for them.

the resistance

Interview with Chris Barkensjö of The Resistance by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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