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Children Of Bodom at Marquee Theater. Tempe,AZ (02/15/2012)


It has been a long time since the last time I saw Children Of Bodom live, so when they announced their 15th anniversary tour I decided I have to be there, besides everyone loves a “Quinceanera” party right. With that in mind I arrived to the Marquee this past Wednesday February 15th just around 6:30pm thinking on what they might or might not play that night.

Children Of Bodom picked a estrange line up to support their birthday party. Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie, Boston tech death Revocation and Canadian death-thrashers Threat Signal. Regardless their little or not affiliation with melodic death metal, all three bands were great and delivered amazing performances.


Around 10:15pm Children Of Bodom took the stage. Opening with “Sixpounder” and deliver what only Laiho’s guitar can deliver, pure and straight hate in a musical form. After that the turn was for the well-known song “Are You Dead Yet?” followed by the classic,“Silent Night Bodom Night”. Then Alexi announced how happy he was to be back in Arizona, and that they were about to play lots of old material, then going straight into “Bodom After Midnight” and “Kissing The Shadows” both songs out of their third album Follow The Reaper (2000), while the crowd was going nuts singing moshing and head banging.

The band continued with “Living Dead Beat”, “Everytime I Die” and “Hate Me”. By this point it was clear that this was a very special opportunity to see Children Of Bodom, not only because all the old material that they were playing, but also because many of the assistants to the show had never been expose to those songs live, at least on a single show.

The show continue with another set of classics like, “Lake Bodom”, and “Downfall”, mixed with contemporaneous material like, “Angels Don’t Kill”, “Blooddrunk” and “Hate Crew Deathroll”. We can certainly say that their birthday party kicked a serious amount of ass, a really good performance and a unique setlist. Hope they comeback soon.

Here are some of the picture of that night.


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