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THE CHARM THE FURY – Discuss Writing New Music & Who Are The Sick, Dumb & Happy

DESTRUCTION - Thrash Anthems II

In one week, Amsterdam based metal band THE CHARM THE FURY will unleash their sophomore album, The Sick, Dumb & Happy, via Nuclear Blast (worldwide) and Arising Empire (Europe).

The band launched their fourth album trailer where Caroline and Mathijs discuss writing new material and defining who “The Sick, Dumb & Happy” are. Watch the video here: https://goo.gl/xbZ2hc

Mathijs Tieken comments about who “The Sick Dumb & Happy” are:

“The type of person comfortable with where he/she is and doesn’t look around at the real problems in the world. Is just after quick satisfaction -“What do I need now?”- without any consideration for other people or the bigger picture and just being ok with that. I think that is something that’s really a problem with society in general” 

Recently, the band teamed up with Alternative Press to premiere the second single. Watch the video for “Echoes” here!

Watch more on The Sick, Dumb & Happy
#1 – Band Introduction: https://goo.gl/y8L2Dr
#2 – The Early Days: https://goo.gl/rte5EW
#3 – Album Artwork: https://goo.gl/J2A0tI
#4 – Writing new Music: https://goo.gl/xbZ2hc
Dutch Trivia – https://goo.gl/yyu9Jr
“Down On the Ropes” music video: https://goo.gl/8sTwVR
“Down On the Ropes” behind the scenes: https://goo.gl/0rKJAF
Echoes” music video: https://goo.gl/kjfh2g
Caroline and Mathijs autograph posters for pre-order: https://goo.gl/hHrPZT

Pre-order your copy of The Sick, Dumb & Happy here: nuclearblast.com/thecharmthefury

Or pre-order your copy of the album on either iTunes or Amazon and receive a download for “Down On The Ropes” and “Echoes” instantly!

The album was recorded at Wisseloord, ICP Belgium. The mixing was completed by Josh Wilbur(MEGADETH, LAMB OF GOD, HATEBREED) with additional mixing by Stefan Glaumann (WITHIN TEMPTATION, RAMMSTEIN, PARADISE LOST). Ted Jensen (MACHINE HEAD, DEATH ANGEL, THY ART IS MURDER). of Sterling Sound in New York City and  Brian ‘Big Bass’ Gardner (DAVID BOWIE, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES,  GEMINI SYNDROME) handled the mastering of The Sick, Dumb & Happy..

Below is the track list for The Sick, Dumb & Happy:
1. Down On The Ropes
2. Echoes
3. Weaponized
4. No End In Sight
5. Blood And Salt
6. Corner Office Maniacs
7. The Future Need Us Not
8. Silent War
9. The Hell In Me
10. Songs Of Obscenity
11. Break And Dominate

Be sure to check out the teaser trailer on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel!

Don’t miss your chance to see THE CHARM THE FURY live:
4/29/2017 Welcome to Rockville – Jacksonville, FL
5/7/2017  Carolina Rebellion – Charlotte, NC
5/13-14/2017  Northern Invasion – Somerset, WI

THE CHARM THE FURY have matured since their debut. With several of Europe’s biggest festivals under their belt, they have transformed their sound into a startling slab of ultra-modern but utterly distinctive metal that shrewdly and honestly redefines what THE CHARM THE FURY is all about. Driven by a collective distaste for the state of the world in the 21st century, the band recorded an angry album underpinned by ferocious intelligence and a heartfelt desire to wake people out of their digital stupors.

With more details about the band’s new album, The Sick, Dumb & Happy, to come, the critical moment has arrived: THE CHARM THE FURY are armed, ready and hungry for the next big push. When it explodes in 2017, the smart money is on these die-hard noisemakers claiming their rightful place among the new metal elite. They have the songs, the determination and the charisma to make it happen.

The band:
Caroline Westendorp – Vocals
Mathijs Tieken – Drums
Rolf Perdok – Guitars
Martijn Slegtenhorst – Guitars
Lucas Arnoldussen – Bass

Pre-order you copy of The Sick, Dumb & Happy here:  nuclearblast.com/thecharmthefury
Or Digitally:  http://nblast.de/TheCharmTheFuryIT

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