May 24

Cattle Decapitation – Orpheum Theater. Flagstaff, AZ – 5/22/12


Local bands kicked it off. Death Certificate, Where The Teddy Bears Go To Die and Salvations Lost all made an effort to rock hard for the small Tuesday night crowd.

The stage looked good, all lights and backdrops set properly for the opening acts. Not the case for Cattle Decapitation. Their stage was stripped, the lights were dimmed and as they went into the first song I immediately got the feeling they really just wanted to get the hell out of there. Fast.

It was the last gig of their tour and it was painfully obvious how badly they wanted to get it over with and go home.
The performance was plain and bleak and in between songs we got to listen to the vocalist tell us all about how much he misses his girlfriend.

The set seemed short and very rushed. The crowd was disappointed and mumbled encore without much excitement but we were still given a half-assed performance of ‘Regret and the Grave’ and a goodnight.

I spoke with a fan afterwards and he said the show was “…ok”.
But all band loyalty aside, he knew it sucked.

There is no excuse for a band to not give 100% from the first gig to the last gig, in front of 10 fans or 10000 fans.

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