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Blood Ceremony – The Eldritch Dark (2013)



When a brain is dying, DMT (one of the most powerful psychedelics) is released in the brain. This allows perception of time to be altered. This experience allows you to live inside your own mind for hours, or even days. It allows you to hallucinate, both auditory and visual. The Eldritch Dark almost acts like sound wave version of DMT. Visions of sorcery, witchcraft, folklore, and horror fill the senses as The Eldritch Dark begins to spin.

Go along for the ride, your ears will not be disappointed. Blood Ceremony are the kings (and queen) of the 70’s psychedelic hard rock/doom sound that’s become very popular in the last few years. The organic and authentic reverberations on this album come full circle on this latest release, both charming and hypnotizing to the listener.

Blood Ceremony are a four piece band from Canada. Comprised of members Lucas Gadke (Bass, vocals), Alia O’Brien (vocals, organ, flute), Sean Kennedy (guitars), and Michael Carrillo (drums). Together these musicians make magic, creating a unison of heavy riffs, calming flute, and strong yet picturesque vocals. Each song tells its own unique tale, spinning a web of composition as it plays on.

The title track ‘Witchwood’ paints pictures in the mind. You can almost see a coven of witches sitting together laughing devilishly, casting spells in the deep woods and transfixing the night. Vocalist Alia acts as High Priestess, practicing her craft. The groove of the guitar immediately captivates and enthralls, leaving you wondering what’s waiting around the corner. Songs like ‘Goodbye Gemini’ almost serve as an anti-anxiety medication, calming the mind and the body, igniting a sway in the hips. ‘The Eldritch Dark’ is a standout track, eerie and evil, occult and spellbinding. The flute sews the song together, taking you back in time.

Fans of Jex Thoth, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Sabbath Assembly, Pagan Alter, and Camel will take to this album like moth to flame. Let it seep into the brain and act as a hallucinogen, let it relax you and take you down the lazy river of your mind. The marriage of the black and white magic of the whole album will surely take hold.

Blood Ceremony’s third full length The Eldritch Dark will be released via Rise Above Records in the UK/Europe on May 27th and by Metal Blade in North America on May 28th, 2013.

Blood Ceremony is currently on tour with Kylesa through the month of June.

Blood Ceremony 2


1. Witchwood
2. Goodbye Gemini
3. Lord Summerisle
4. Ballad of the Weird Sisters
5. Eldritch Dark
6. Drawing Down the Moon
7. Faunus
8. The Magician

Genre: Occult Rock/Psychedelic Rock

Record Label: Metal Blade

Playing time: 40 Minutes

Line up: 

Alia O’Brien – Vocals, Flute, Organ
Sean Kennedy – Guitars
Lucas Gadke – Bass
Michael Carrillo – Drums


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