May 15

Arjen Lucassen checks in with The Age Of Metal


Bringing up the name of Arjen Lucassen is mention metal history, musicianship and a hell of producer of the highest quality, he had done so much in his musical career that name just Ayreon does not even scratch the surface of his work in the metal scene. It started back in the 80’s with Bodine and Vengeance, then the 90’s was his rise to fame with Ayreon, after that he was involve with various projects such as Stream Of Passion, Ambeon, Star One and Guilt Machine.

Recently He got back in studio to record his second solo album, that it wouldn’t follow what he did back in the mid 90’s on Pools Of Sorrow Waves Of Joy (1994). This time around it was a different ball. Lost In The New Real is a whole concept album based on the idea of a man cryogenic frozen in time who wakes up on a distant future that has not resemblance of what his world once was. The album is narrated by famous movie actor Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, Escape From Sobibor, The Hitcher). Again on this album Arjen Lucassen played all the instruments and sung in all the songs.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to caught up with Arjen Lucassen and talk about the concept of the album, the music content on it, Rutger Hauer, the album art, and his musical future. Here is what he told us.

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