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Anthrax, Testament & Death Angel at Marquee Theater. Tempe, AZ 01/24/12


It’s been more than 25 years since thrash metal appeared on the bay area of San Francisco, California, and shifted the musical gears of metal forever, it was because of bands like Anthrax, Testament and Death Angel that we today know what this music is. Faster riffs, blazing drums and lyrics that talk about war, pain, and the reality of life.

Last night I had the pleasure to see for the first time Anthrax, Testament & Death Angel on the same bill, and it was like 1985 all over again. The public now on their thirty’s and forty’s behaved like they were eighteen again, some of them wearing denim jeans and Anthrax or Death Angel white T-shirts, but all were there to mosh or drink or celebrate this great bands in concert.

The line was already a block long outside of The Marquee Theater before 6:30 that was the open doors schedule time. After I got my ticket and meet some friends we head up to the line. Once inside Death Angel took the stage around 7:30 pm kicking off the party with songs like, Mistress Of Pain, Evil Priest & Seemingly Endless Time. this warmed the mosh pit that got quite big at the middle of their set. A great show for a band that deserve more of what they have achieved so far.

The next band on the bill was Testament another veteran from the bay area, and a band that has kept a traditional sound preserving that essence from the 80’s almost intact. Opening with The Preacher, the band let little rest to the crowd that went nuts at the riffs of Alex Skolnick and the drum beats of Paul Bostaph, they played everything from Souls Of Black, Electric Crown, 3 Days In Darkness, Henchmen Ride and Into The Pit. Their sound was amazing and their performance was unique.

Even though people were tired, it wasn’t that many people who went out to grab some air or even grab a beer, instead people were anxious and excited about the next band. Anthrax a long time pioneers of the thrash metal sound was headlining the show, so at soon the lights went down the voice of the crowd went up, and like I said before it was 1985 all over again.

The band kick off their set with Earth On Hell, Fight’em, and Caught In A Mosh. The pit was brutal, they were loud and they were awesome. The show reached its climax with songs like Indians, Madhouse, Metal Thrashing Mad, that received a great ovation from the crowd and even a bigger pit. Guys and girls, old and young were moshing and crowd surfing a typical picture of a 80’s thrash metal show. The band closed with I Am The Law, that was screamed and moshed by a satisfied crowd. Indeed a night to remember, and a “Slayer neck” that it would take at least a couple of days to go away.

Here are some pictures we took of Anthrax during their set.


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ANTHRAX - Kings Among Scotland

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