Feb 21

Angel Vivaldi discussed new album at NAMM 2017

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Angel Vivaldi is a young and talented guitar player that started his career as a guitar player in 2004, and since 2008 he has released a total of 5 self-released albums. His playing has been compared with the likes of virtuosos like Steve Vai & Joe Satriani, with a hint of cinematic dramatic flare. Last year Angel Vivaldi revisited his third album The Speed of Dark (2009) which was re-recorded and released later in August.

I heard about Angel Vivaldi last year when he went out on tour with Gus G, So I was excited when an opportunity to speak with him opened up while at NAMM 2017. Also during the NAMM week, Angel Vivaldi put together a show called The Guitar Collective which included other skilled guitar players like Felix Martin, Covet, Nili Brosh, James Norbert Ivanyi, and Dan Sugarman

While at NAMM I had the chance to chat with Angel Vivaldi about his experience touring with Gus G, his solo albums, The Guitar Collective, and raising funds for ALS during some of his live and online performances.


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