Apr 15

All Shall Perish Interview with Eddie Hermida & Ben Orum


All the way from Oakland, California All Shall Perish has definitely made a name in the metal scene for themselves.  The band was formed back in 2002 and was signed to Nuclear Blast Records in 2004.  They are an amazing mixture of grindcore, death metal & so much more.  Their sound over the years has grown and developed and they continue to win each fan one by one.  They have toured around the world and have proved they are not a force to be wrecken with.  Their fans are die-hard and have responded really well to their latest album “This is where it Ends,” which was released back in 2011 through Nuclear Blast Records.

On Sunday April 1st,  All Shall Perish played at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ.  The opening bands for the show consisted of Conducting From The Grave, The Contortionist & Carnifex.  The show was totally insane the crowd was really into every band.  All 3 openers got the fans pumped and when All Shall Perish hit the stage the place turned into one giant pit.  Martini Ranch became a death zone.  Everyone was head banging like crazy, people were being squished & trampled by the intensity of the fans.  The whole show had a lot of great high energy and was a blast.  All Shall Perish really know how to turn things up.  Their set list for the night was Gagged, Dead Planet, Royalty, Awaken The Dreamers, Day of Justice, My Retaliation, Deconstruction, Nothing Left, Wage Slaves, & then they closed it with a calm amazing song The Last Relapse.

The Age of Metal had a great time talking with Eddie Hermida (vocalist) & Ben Orum (guitarist) during their stop in town.  We were able to discuss the tour, the new album, future plans of the band and much more.


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