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ZOMBIE INC – A Dreadful Decease (2012)


The undead walking the earth, ripping out your guts out blood gushing, tearing you limb from limb, running in horror screaming in bloody terror as they try to eat you alive.  It’s not the zombie apocalypse but just as intense it’s ZOMBIE INC.’s debut album “A Dreadful Decease.”  The New Death-metal Band from Austria and Germany is currently signed to Massacre Records. Formed in the summer of 2009 guitarists Gerald Huber (COLLAPSE 7) and Wolfgang Rothbauer (DISBELIEF, EISBLUT) reached out to singer Martin Schirenc (former vocals & guitar for Pungent Stench) with the idea of forming an old school death metal band; later on they added to the line up bassist Daniel Lechner (THE CASCADES, ex-LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE), and drummer Tomasz” Nefastus” Janiszewski (BELPHEGOR, FLESHCRAWL, DEBAUCHERY).

 “A Dreadful Decease” is a full concept album about what else other than a world where infected Zombies roam the earth.  The band did a great job setting the mood of panic and terror.  “The Chaosbreed” the first song off the album opens up with a news bulletin informing you of how zombies are roaming the streets freely and the dead count is rising, armageddon is here.  Brutal death metal vocals in infamous Martin Schirenc style start off the song.  The track has some deep slow raw guitar chords that really let you get into things. “Deadtribe Sinister” is a pretty amazing track, its guitar rifts hypnotize you and the vocals pull you in even deeper (greatest song off the album). The sound of a door opening, a man screaming as you hear his bones breaking is nothing but the intro to “Challenge Of The Undead,” which is a very cool song, loved the sound effects the band incorporated in the track. Its a really kick ass song everyone will get into because its very catchy; grabs your attention and lets you embrace the apocalyptic atmosphere the band is creating.  The next three songs “Horde Unleashed,”  ” We Must Eat!,” & Bloodrain Overdose,” are very calm songs compared to the ones before but good none the less.

 “Grim Brutality” kicks things back in gear with some killer rifts that make you want to bang your head.  ” Horror Fills This Hollow Earth” has a very heavy dark undertone that gives the sensation of no hope in this armageddon.  The titled track off the album “A Dreadful Decease”, is a very intense song, the lyrics really paint a picture of what the music is trying to transcend to the listener. “Planet Zombie” the final song off the album has a very beautiful guitar intro and jumps into classic death metal brutality leaving you wanting more.

“A Dreadful Decease” over all is a great concept album.  Personally I love when bands put so much thought and effort into projects like this because it lets you know they thought everything through from beginning to end.  The cd. tells a story of how the disease started and chaos began. Then how the zombies survive and try wiping out humans.  You can feel the horror undertone through out the whole album.  Finally the story comes to an end letting you know the attacks eventually kill mankind and all that’s left is a world filled of zombies.  The album has some pretty great songs on it and delivers some great death metal.  Loved the album, if your death metal fan you’ll like it and if your deeper thinker you’ll appreciate and see the hard work the band put together in making this.

Track List ( * personal picks)

01. The Chaosbreed
02. Deadtribe Sinister****
03. Challenge Of The Undead*
04. Horde Unleashed
05. We Must Eat!
06. Bloodrain Overdose
07. Grim Brutality
08. Horror Fills This Hollow Earth*
09. A Dreadful Decease
10. Planet Zombie*



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