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World Under Blood – Tactical (2011)


World Under Blood is collaboration between CKY guitarist Deron Miller, Divine Heresy drummer Tim Yeung, guitarist Luke Jaeger, and bassist Risha Eryavec of Decrepit Birth that has its roots back in 2006 when Yeung and Miller first met. The two recorded several songs and put them up on MySpace for fans to hear and soon pulled the other artists in on the project. Vocal recording and mixing on the album were long delayed though, which left the album unfinished for several years. After a long wait, the project’s debut album Tactical has finally been released.

Tactical is an excellent example of American melodic death metal. It features some sound guitar work by Miller and Jaeger, though it does occasionally sound a bit familiar and many of the time changes get lost in the rough. Tim Yeung’s drumming is impressive and varied, best showcased on the track ‘Pyro-Compulsive’. Miller sounds at home interchanging harsh growling vocals and cleanly sung choruses, rather than the awkward flip-flopping that so often occurs when vocalists choose to go this route.

Some of the best tracks are: the climactic ‘A God Among the Waste’ which has some of the best vocals on the album, the aforementioned ‘Pyro-Compulsive’, and ‘Under the Autumn Low’, a hook-filled track. At only 33 minutes though (unless you purchase the iTunes version, which comes with covers of Megadeth and Malevolent Creation), it’s a bit too short. For all the talent showcased on this album, it doesn’t seem like much to ask for another song or two.

Track list:

    1. A God Among The Waste
    2. Into The Arms of Cruelty
    3. Pyro-Compulsive
    4. Dead And Still In Pain
    5. Purgatory Dormitory
    6. Under The Autumn Low
    7. I Can’t Stand His Name
    8. Revere’s Tears

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