Apr 24

Wolf Hoffman of ACCEPT talked to The Age Of Metal


Since I listened Blood Of The Nations the latest album of German titans ACCEPT last year,  it got me, it even made it my top 10 of 2010, but when I got news that they were coming to the valley of the sun, I knew that I have to go and see them perform such album live, and yesterday that happened. they played in a festival called U-fest in Mesa, AZ




Their show was amazing a total trip to the 80’s with songs like Metal Heart, Breaker, Up To The Limit and of course Balls To The Walls, also the songs of their new record sounded great live, Teutonic Terror, Pandemic and New World Comin made it clear, ACCEPT is back and stronger than ever.


The Age Of Metal talked to ACCEPT‘s founder and guitar player Wolf Hoffman about the current status of the band, their new record and the current tour, this is what he told us:


Where the idea of come back together again came from?

What you guys were up to, before get back together again?

What is the concept behind of Blood Of The Nations?

How was the experience of working with producer Andy Sneap?

Why do you think Blood of the Nations has been such of success?

The first show after 15 years was in New York, why New York?

How was the experience of headline Sonisphere in Romania & Turkey last year?

ACCEPT will be touring South America soon, what are your expectations about that tour?

How do you see the metal scene now?

What is ACCEPT’s proposal for the metal scene today?

Do you think the metal scene would ever go back to be what it used to be back in the 80’s?

What is the next step on ACCEPT’s career?




















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