Oct 20

Within Temptation – Paradise (What About Us) EP (2013)



It’s been two years since Within Temptation released the graphic novel themed album Unforgiving, which was a great story, and an amazing visual trip. But the music on it left many of us waiting for more, or puzzled about what happened with that dark and mystical touch on their music.

With Paradise (What About Us) EP, not only Within Temptation returns to their very dark gothic roots, but they made history as the title track for this EP is a duet song between Sharon Den Adel, and not other than Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish). Both singers are fundamental for the history of symphonic metal, and the female fronted movement. So listening singing together can be only compared to hear the angels singing in heaven (if such thing exist, if not, then this is pretty close to it).

The EP is composed by four tracks: Paradise (What About Us) Ft Tarja, and three demo version of new Within Temptation material that I suppose will be included on their upcoming album. Paradise (What About Us) is not only a gorgeous song because there are two of the most talented voices in metal, but also because the story behind the song, that talks about hope after the end, and a chance of a new day and a new era. Let Us Burn (Demo Version) is a more melodic song carrying the signature sound of Within Temptation (I would say The Heart Of Everything era) a really powerful song that again showcase the powerful of Sharon, and gives a clear picture of what can we expect from Within Temptation next.

Silver Moonlight (demo version) it’s my favorite song out of the EP, it has that punch and heaviness of Within Temptation, and evokes that traditional beauty & the beast duality that is key on symphonic metal, definitely looking forward to hear the final product on their upcoming album. The EP closes with Dog Days (demo version), a really melodic, dark and epic song that it will get you pumped out for more.

Definitely the next Within Temptation album it seems to be something spectacular, and it is something like this EP it definitely will bring back the sound that many of us are missing from Within Temptation. Looking forward to what is next from them.



Paradise (What About Us) Ft, Tarja
Let Us Burn (Demo Version)
Silver Moonlight (demo version)
Dog Days (demo version)

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Playing time: 21 minutes

Line Up: 

Sharon den Adel – vocals
Robert Westerholt – guitar
Ruud Jolie – guitar
Stefan Helleblad – guitar
Jeroen Van Veen – bass
Martijn Spierenburg – keyboards
Mike Coolen – drums



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