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Within Temptation – Hydra (2014)


Within Temptation - Hydra - Artwork

When Within Temptation released the four songs EP, Paradise (What About Us) a couple of months ago they gave us a small advance of what it was coming with Hydra. definitely they keep some of the essence from The Unforgiving, their last album. But they got back to be more heavy, and experimental with Hydra.

The Unforgiving was a good concept album, but it lacked heaviness and lot of symphonic elements. On Hydra, Within Temptation added back that heaviness on their music, and brought the symphonic elements back, pushing their sound beyond their own boundaries. After all, having a song that features a duet between Sharon Den Adel & Tarja Turunen its just genius. The power of a song like Paradise, is just beyond amazing. Dangerous, a song featuring a duet between Sharon & Howard Jones (ex-Killswitch Engage) has a lot of catchy riffs that pick up where The Unforgiving left off, musically speaking. But, I don’t think that the voice of Mr. Jones fits a duet with Sharon, as I feel his voice is simple and at times forced.

One of the songs that surprised me about this album was And We Run, a song that has all the elements of a classic Within Temptation song, then boom Xzibit (MTV’s Pimp My Ride’s host) just drops on it and make it a rap song with some background music. Not the best option, but again that was the same opinion that people had back in the day when Anthrax collaborated with Public Enemy and created the now classic Bring The Noise, so we might see some potential on And We Run as well.

The Whole Word Is Watching, is a good ballad that features Soul Asylum‘s singer Dave Pirner. This song had almost the same effect as What Have You Done, feat. Keith Caputo of Life Agony on the album The Heart Of Everything. A mellow song that brings the perfect equilibrium to the record, as the album closes with it. One song that called my attention since it was featured on the EP was Silver Moonlight, that song carries the heavy sound that Within Temptations is well-known for. Not only that, but also brings back the growling vocals that mixed up with the current sound of the band makes of this song one of the best on this album.

Songs like Edge Of The World, Roses, and Dog Days complement the album, and put together the current sound of the band. Hydra, is a different album from anything that Within Temptation has done before, but its at the same time the next step on the path the band has decided to take after The Unforgiving. It is a diverse album, that deserves to be listen carefully to understand the momentum of the band.



1.  Let Us Burn
2.  Dangerous  (feat. Howard Jones)
3.  And We Run (feat. Xzibit)
4.  Paradise (What About Us?) (feat. Tarja)
5.  Edge Of The World
6.  Silver Moonlight
7.  Covered By Roses
8.  Dog Days
9.  Tell Me Why
10. Whole World Is Watching’ (feat. Dave Pirner)

Genre: Gothic Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast/BMG

Playing Time: 49 minutes

Line Up: 

Sharon den Adel – vocals
Robert Westerholt – guitar
Ruud Jolie – guitar
Stefan Helleblad – guitar
Jeroen Van Veen – bass
Martijn Spierenburg – keyboards
Mike Coolen – drums



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