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Witherscape – The Inheritance (2013)



Dan Swano is a well-known multi-instrumentalist and producer, well you know bands like Bloodbath and Edge Of Sanity are part of his musical past. With Witherscape Dan returns to the spotlight as a musician rather than a producer.

The Inheritance is a progressive/death metal concept album. The story begins at the end of he 1800’s when the central character of the story inherited a property in Northern Sweden, after the passing of a wealthy relative who left him the property. Once he decided to check out the place a lot of crazy stuff happens. The story was created by Dan Swano, but the lyrics were written by Paul Kuhr of Novembers Doom. Now Witherscape is not only Dan Swano’s project, he has a new partner in crime named Ragnar Widerberg who Swano met at his old job, as he explained to us last time we spoke with him.

The feel of this album changes from song to song, you can find really progressive tracks like Mother Of The Soul and The Math Of The Myth, to more complex songs like Astrid Falls, and To The Calling Of Blood and Dreams. The musicianship and style of Swano on this album can’t be denied to the point that some flashbacks of Edge of Sanity are reflected on songs like Dead For A Day and Astrid Falls.

The album on its very essence moves from progressive to death metal with some heavy metal and NWOBH riffs here and there. Overall The Inheritance is an interesting and weird project at the same time, something that is kind of lost on today’s musical proposals. I can’t say it’s something new, but definitely its an album worth listening to. If you like Dan Swano‘s work you will enjoy Witherscape.

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1. Mother of the Soul
2. Astrid Falls
3. Dead for a Day
4. Dying for the Sun
5. To the Calling of Blood and Dreams
6. The Math of the Myth
7. Crawling from Validity
8. The Wedlock Observation
9. The Inheritance

Genre: Progressive metal, Death Metal

Record Label: Century Media

Playing Time: 44 minutes

Dan Swano – Vocals, Drums, Keyboards
Ragnar Widerber – Guitars, Bass


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