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Witch Cross – Axe To Grind (2013)


Founded in the 1980’s Witch Cross a underated old school heavy metal from Denmark is back.  From their early start in their career the band under went many line up changes through the course of their career.  The band has revived itself after disbanding in 1986, with new and former members and have decided to release their new album Axe To Grind.  Now for all you old school heavy metal listeners this is definitely something that is appealing to you.  The essence of the 80’s still lives on considering its now 2013.  A glimpse of the past with a modern twist, its great to see these guys haven’t changed.  It’s been about 33 years since the beginning of Witch Cross and the name still lives on and should be given the recognition it deserves.

Considering Axe To Grind is Witch Cross’s 1st album in more than 25 years its time to inject some venom into your veins and recall their previous discography.  With a hand full of demo’s released throughout the 80’s and their one full length album “Fit For Fight” the guys from Witch Cross definitely have their work cut out for them.  Fit For Fight had Nyborg Madsen on vocals and now they have Kevin Moore.  Both incredibly distinct but again both albums recorded decades apart the band as a whole has switched up their style greatly.  To be honest its like starting right from scratch.  Although it might seem like day one this album does not sound like it.  They sound cohesive and have found a nice original sound to them.  Although you can’t compare it to their previous album Axe To Grind is a great album.

From beginning to end Witch Cross delivers nothing but killer 80’s inspired metal.  With guitar rifts that stay in your head and some killer lyrics it’s the best combination you could get.  For the older generation out there this will grab your attention for sure.  From beginning to end each song gets better and better.   Demon in the Mirror is a good song to start things off.  With a name like Metal Nation you can only expect an 80’s anthem.  For sure this track must include its slow parts when people can pump their fists in the air and headbang. It’s a tamer song that to be expected with such a grand name, you can picture a sea of crowd of people singing a long when you hear this song.

The title track on the album Axe to Grind speeds things up and show cases the bands instrumental skills.  A track without vocals was an interesting choice to make the titled track, but non the less, it had great rifts.  Lost Without Warning is another calmer song on the album, really like the vocals on the track.  Kev Moore’s voice is different but blends in nicely with the speed of the music.  Finally Chelsea 100 begins with two rings and to check into the hotel & ends with a check out of death.  The song has a great theme in it if you closely listen to the lyrics & in heavy metal style a more quit guitar rift brings things to an end.

Witch Cross a familiar name for some but a completely different band then what they were.  They created their name and established a sound back in the 80’s but considering its been a few decades since their return it’s almost like starting back at day one.  For old fans who loved them know that they are back but have changed things up quite a bit.  For new fans feel free to check out both their albums.  Axe to Grind is over all a great album, the 80’s is alive and well.

 Track List:

1. March of the Vikings
2. Demon in the Mirror
3. Ride With the Wind
4. Metal Nation
5. Awakening-Pandoras Box
6. Axe to Grind
7. Bird of Prey
8. Lost Without Warning
9. Parl of the Machine
10. Chelsea 100
11. Beyond the Veil

Genre: Heavy Metal

Record Label: Hells Bangers Records

Playing Time: 40 minutes

Line up:

Mike “Wlad” Koch – Guitar

Jan “Little John” Normark – bass

Lars “Tony Adams” Bjornstad – Drums

Kev Moore – Vocals

Poul Martin – Guitar




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