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Watain – The Wild Hunt (2013)



Sweden’s Watain is without a doubt one of the biggest black metal acts out there today, from their way to approach the genre to their raw live show, they had become a symbol of what black metal really means these days.

Long gone are the days of Mayhem, Burzum and Darkthrone, their influence still vital and important, but Watain has taken the responsibility to carry out that tradition into today’s scene. The Wild Hunt is the band’s fifth studio album, and a retrospection to Watain‘s chosen path, songs like; De Profundis that reminds us musically the essence of bands like Sodom, Possessed and early Slayer, and lyrically deals with the meaning of ‘The Underground’ concept for the band. Black Flames March, and They Rode On deal more with the story and classic sound of Watain, and the choices that they had made on to become what they are now.

Songs like All That May Bleed and The Child Must Die are songs constructed by anger, violence, sorrow and the difficult choices that the human race has to live with, and that make them not different from any other animal in nature. The Wild Hunt and Sleepless Evil again deal with the band’s soul, and their way to approach to the world based of their own personal experiences with it.

The album itself is a mirror into Watain’s past and present that reflects the band’s ideology and show how difficult and violent has been their path on this world, In the words of Erik Danielsson singer of Watain from last time we spoke with him “It’s a roller coaster, and you never know what to expect.” However, after spinning the album several times after that first listening at L.A a couple months back, I would say is a very personal album, that reflects on their history from the beginning until now, and that musically tops what they band have done in the past, and connects with what Watain‘s musical reality is now.

Watain will be touring North American beginning this October along with In Solitude and Tribulation, so don’t miss out the carnage once they hit your town.

Oct. 8–New York, NY–Irving Plaza
Oct. 9–Philadelphia, PA–Underground Arts
Oct. 10–Worcester, MA–Palladium Upstairs
Oct. 11–Montreal, QC-Foufounes Electriques
Oct. 12–Toronto, ON–Opera House
Oct. 14–Detroit, MI–The Magic Stick
Oct. 15–Chicago, IL–Bottom Lounge
Oct. 16–Minneapolis, MN–Triple Rock Social Club
Oct. 18–Denver, CO–Marquis Theatre
Oct. 19–Salt Lake City, UT–In The Venue
Oct. 21–Seattle, WA–Studio Seven
Oct. 22–Vancouver, BC–Rickshaw
Oct. 23–Portland, OR–Hawthorne Theater
Oct. 25–Oakland, CA–Oakland Metro
Oct. 26–Los Angeles, CA–VEX
Oct. 27–Phoenix, AZ–Rocky Point Cantina
Oct. 28–Albuquerque, NM–Launch Pad
Oct. 30–Austin, TX–Red 7
Nov. 1–Atlanta, GA–Masquerade Hell
Nov. 2–Charlotte, NC–The Casbah
Nov. 3–Baltimore, MD–Baltimore Sound Stage



01. Night Vision
02. De Profundis
03. Black Flames March
04. All That May Bleed
05. The Child Must Die
06. They Rode On
07. Sleepless Evil
08. The Wild Hunt
09. Outlaw
10. Ignem Veni Mittere
11. Holocaust Dawn

Genre: Black Metal

Record Label: Century Media

Playing Time: 62 minutes

Line up:

Erik Danielsson – vocals, bass
Håkan Jonsson – drums
Pelle Forsberg – guitar


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