Nov 29

Warrel Dane of Sanctuary talked to us about The Year The Sun Died and a tentative Nevermore reunion



Since their success in the late 80’s and early 90’s Sanctuary has become more of a cult band that now has decided to re-surface with a new album under their belt. The musical baby of Warrel Dane sounds more powerful and strong than before. The Year The Sun Died is the irrefutable proof that Sanctuary is more alive than ever.

Sanctuary‘s new album, The Year Of The Sun Died is not only one of the heaviest album of the year, but it shows pretty much that these guys still have that drive to create meaningful music. Their sound still pretty much the same, but they are very in touch with the times we are living on. The return of Sanctuary, not only is the return of one of the greatest band of the late 80’s metal scene, but is also the return of Warrel Dane to the stage after the break up of Nevermore a couple of years back.

His voice still pristine, and powerful like I can remember from their two records, Refuge Denied (1987) & Into The Mirror Black (1989). Even though, I have never seen Sanctuary previous to their show last week in Mesa, AZ. I was quite impressed not only by their music quality, and chemistry on stage, but how flexible and yet powerful Warrel‘s voice is. I remembered seeing him with Nevermore, on a total different tone and texture. It impressed me listening him pulling a great performance not only of Sanctuary‘s old catalog, but their new stuff.

Before the show we had the pleasure to speak with Warrel Dane of Sanctuary and Nevermore. We talked about The Year The Sun Died, the tour, his thoughts about a Nevemore reunion, and a what is next in the Sanctuary agenda for 2015.


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