Jun 28

VULTURE INDUSTRIES announce new album, stream new track


Norway’s VULTURE INDUSTRIES will release their new album later this year. Titled ‘Stranger Times’, the album will see a worldwide release on Sept. 22. Pre-orders for the album are available at the Season of Mist E-Shop.

VULTURE INDUSTRIES are streaming  “As the World Burns”, the first song off ‘Stranger Times’. A video for the sprawling, progressive and baroque rock song is streaming at Decibel Magazine.

Regarding  the new track, VULTURE INDUSTRIES comment: “This song represents the rockier side of our new album and is one of my personal favourites. ‘As the World Burns’ deals with the interdependence of extreme world views that need each other to justify their existence – a theme that is quite relevant in our strange and hazy present. Once more we have teamed up with our friend and sixth band member, the brilliant Mr. Costin Chioreanu for a video. Of course, Costin also created the album artwork. These are the first fruits of our continued co-operation and I sincerely promise that there are a lot of more strange harvests to come your way. Take a bite!”

Frontman Bjørnar E. Nilsen continues and expands on the new album: “Continuing along the path that we started to explore on ‘The Tower’, I proudly believe ‘Stranger Times’ to be standing out as a defining work for us. It bridges the gap between styles that we have touched upon in the past, while at the same time expands our scope and includes a more solid dose of rock in the mix. To me, it represents our most ‘solid’ album to date and is clearly the best produced one. I am curious to see how our fans will react, but being the kind and intelligent persons that they are, we actually expect a lot of love… and maybe a bit of trash just to remind us that we are mere mortals.” 

Artwork by Costin Chioreanu (GHOST, AT THE GATES, MAYHEM, and more)

Track list:
1. Tales of Woe
2. As the World Burns
3. Strangers
4. The Beacon
5. Something Vile
6. My Body, My Blood
7. Gentle Touch of a Killer
8. Screaming Reflections
9. Midnight Draws Near

Updated VULTURE INDUSTRIES news and tour information will be made available through the Season of Mist website, and the VULTURE INDUSTRIES website and Facebook page.

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