Jan 22

Voivod – Target Earth (2013)


God damn I’ve been waiting for a new Voivod record. This legendary foursome has released some of the most interesting metal since their inception. I still think Dimension Hatross is one of the best records ever written, personally. This is their thirteenth record, and their first without guitarist Piggy (who passed away in 2005 but whose material was on Voivod records until 2009) and new bassist Chewy. Will the change in members cause a massive change in style? Read on to find out.

I think the best way to describe this as a more dissonant Dimension Hatross, honestly. Many of the parts have that flavor of the old school Voivod. However, this is definitely a different record from Dimension Hatross – many of the songs feel more methodically paced, and calling them slow would remove the balls that these songs have. If you tell me “Mechanical Mind’ is any kind of slow, you’re out of your mind. However, it seems as if many of the other songs are written to make you appreciate every second of this music and the dissonance and near-jazzy quality to it, as opposed to flying past you quickly.

The biggest question I feel many people have is this: “How good is this new guy taking over Piggy’s spot?” Well, I’ll tell you this: he’s got some growing to do, but I think he’s damn good. I think the dissonance can be a bit heavy at times, but otherwise he’s quite capable. Give him another record or two and he’ll be good to go. What I’m curious to see is how the band changes in the next few years with him – he plays in a technical metal band called Martyr, and I wonder how this will play in the band in a few years, if at all. This band is incredibly intricate, but in a totally different way than technical metal. So far, he’s doing a fantastic job for his first go-around.

Overall, I believe we have our first good record of 2013. This makes me incredibly happy – my expectations were incredibly high for this record and for Chewy to do a great job. I think the old school vibe is definitely welcome, mixed in with the growing Voivod’s done over their almost thirty years of existence. Moreso, I’m interested in seeing where Voivod goes next – their future is incredibly bright for a band of their age.


1. Target Earth
2. Kluskap O’Kom
3. Empathy for the Enemy
4. Mechanical Mind
5. Warchaic
6. Resistance
7. Kaleidos
8. Corps Etranger
9. Artefact
10. Defiance

Genre: Progressive/Thrash Metal/Experimental

Label: Century Media

Playing Time: 56:43






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