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Voices From The Dark Tour at 910Live. Tempe, AZ (03/10/13)



Voices From The Dark Tour 2013 features Marduk and Moonspell as a co-headliners supported by a well structured line up of opening bands like Inquisition, The Foreshadowing, and Death Wolf.

Last Sunday March 10th we had the great experience of having them roll into town as they played at 910Live. The first band to open the main show was Death Wolf, the brainchild project of Marduk‘s guitar player Morgan Håkansson. This project is totally different from what Marduk is, so it was interesting seeing the result as they are a more death metal/horror punk band. They played material out of their new album II – Black Armoured Death which was released last month, specially Noche De Brujas and World Serpent were really good songs, and the charisma and stage presence of the band were amazing.


The next band to take the stage was The Foreshadowing, an Italian gothic metal band more in the vein of Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride that really surprised and was a perfect fit for what Moonspell presented later that night. Grand of Widows was the song that had it for me, really deep and melancholic music. Indeed, a real treat for those that like a more melodic and dark music.


Inquisition took the stage next as they left a great impression last time they came to town with the Conquerors Of The World tour back in November last year. One of the impressions that I got from Inquisition is how great and loud they are to be a two-man black metal band, and one thing that every fan and new fan of the band tells me is “Dagon, has a voice unique for black metal” Obviously they ruled their set and warmed the crowd as they anxiously waited for Marduk.


Next up was Moonspell, a band that every time I see live surprises me more and more. They played material from their new album Alpha Noir/Omega White (Axis Mundi, Alpha Noir, Lychantrope, En Nome Do Medo) also from Night Eternal (Night Eternal), Wolfheart (Alma Matter) and Irreligious (Opium, Full Moon Madness). Moonspell showed why they are a top class act as their set was tight, and even with some technical complications they put up a great show.


Marduk was the special treat of the night, they played material from their new album Serpent Sermon (Souls Of Belial, Serpent Sermon) their previous release Wormwood (Nowhere, No-One, Nothing) Plague Angel (Throne Of Rats), and Panzer Division Marduk (Panzer Division Marduk, Baptism By Fire) Marduk put a hell of a show, they sounded fantastic, and pleased a crowd that patiently waited their return to the valley.

Overall this tour was a great package, and a good way to introduce new acts like Death Wolf and The Foreshadowing to fans of Moonspell and Marduk.  One of the best  opportunities to catch a great act like Inquisition that rarely tours with big bands like the ones on this bill. And of course the high praises goes to Marduk and Moonspell that pleased fans that have followed them from their beginning back in the early 90’s.

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