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Vesania – Deus Ex Machina (2014)



Poland does not disappoint at the time to produce serious extreme metal bands, Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated, and now they added the return of Vesania to their cradle of quality acts. Vesania, is formed by Orion (Behemoth) on guitar & vocals, Heinrich (ex-Decapitated) on bass, Daray (Dimmu Borgir) on Drums, Sigmar on keyboards, and Valeo on guitar, and after seven years of silence, this ‘super group’ has return with a new full studio album titled Deux Ex Machina, a mixture of twisted theatrical soundtrack with pieces of dark symphonic metal. 

As many people have pointed out already, Deux Ex Machina doesn’t sound like the Vesania many of us discover on the Distractive Killusions (2007) album. The gap of seven years between musical works can affect a band’s style, if they haven’t produce an album on a two or three years basis.
The sound of Deux Ex Machina is a more industrial/ symphonic black metal sound, that at times its trying to catch up with what Dimmu Borgir did on the Abrahadabra (2010) album.

There are several elements on this album that had that flame of 90’s symphonic black metal on it, if you listen to songs like Innocence, Disgrace, and Notion you will find that same dark and melodic sound that bands like Agathodaimon, Old’s Man Child, or Mactatus did so well back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Even though, Vesania delivers powerful and majestic tunes on this album, they are more intended to close that gap between their previous album and Deux Ex machina.

Now, they are other new ideas that the band is trying out on this album, songs like Vortex, and Glare have this industrial elements mixed with a modern touch of symphonic death metal. Not too mechanical but not too technical either, is like the exact balance between those two genres. There is also some new but foreign elements in songs like Dysmay, Fading, or Scar, these sounds are a bit more dramatic full of catchy sounds that even if they don’t fit in with the general style of the album, somehow they bring texture and character to the album. So the variety and the inclusion of modern elements is present.

With Deux Ex Machina, Vesania delivers a colorful album that has a lot of symphonic black metal elements around it, but at the same time it presents new and powerful sounds that connects the album with the contemporary happenings of the scene. Disregarding the background of its members, the band still trying to create their own sound that results in a melting pot of their personal work in past and present acts.
Once again Poland, you doing extreme metal right.

VESANIA_01 Tracklist:

01. Halflight
02. Innocence
03. Disillusion
04. Vortex
05. Dismay
06. Glare
07. Notion
08. Disgrace
09. Fading
10. Scar

Genre: Symphonic Black Metal

Record Label: Metal Blade Records

Playing Time: 46 Minutes

Line up:

Orion – Guitar, Voices
Daray – Drums
Siegmar – Synths, Samples
Heinrich – Bass
Valeo – Guitar



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