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Unleashed – Dawn of the Nine (2015)


Unleashed - Dawn Of The Nine - Artwork

Hail Unleashed in all of their glory! Hailing from the almighty Sweden, Unleashed yet again delivers an aggressive new album. This new album titled Dawn of the Nine delivers heart-pounding aggression and wretched emotion. This album differs in its solid tracks and weaker tracks, yet Unleashed sets the battlefield with these forces. Prepare for war and strive for abolishment!

The album starts off with A New Day Will Rise, and with how good this album is they could have began with a better track. The verses aren’t composed as powerful as they could be; there is nothing that hooks the listener. The chorus is okay, but there is nothing extravagant that reels the listener in the madness. I enjoy first tracks that contain high intensity that sucks me in, and this first song didn’t make me feel anything.

But the next song They Came To Die brings all of the brutality. The opening vigorous riff will bring you on your knees, as the slamming chorus will knock you down. The solo toward the end is sensational in the way that it’s deleterious but contains enough dexterity to blow you away. Overall this song revives the state of the album, making the listener anticipate for more.

Defenders Of Midgard is one of my favorite tracks. There isn’t much technicality; rather the galloping riffs create a tingling feeling so blistering it will rub your skin raw. The only break from these riffs is the solo that is victorious; by far the best solo on the album. This song is like a battle scar – it will dig its blade deep, yet the mark it leaves will perpetually be remembered.

Where Is Your God now is the song I’m surprised they chose as their single. This is another song that didn’t quite impress me. It’s pretty generic compared to the other strong songs: the riffs aren’t anything too crazy, the drumming is pretty standard, and even the lyrical content is pretty bland. It’s not a terrible song, but the excellence from the other tracks overshadows this song.

The Bolt Thrower then picks the eminence back up. This is one of the tracks that will stick with you more than the others. It contains all of the wondrous qualities the other tracks uphold; brutal drumming and galloping riffs make up the largest portion of the song, and the solo is truly magnificent. This song will persuade you from the outside in, sending you waves coursing throughout your body. It’s a terrifying yet pleasurable experience, and one you’ll always remember.

Let the Hammer Fly is another song that’s okay, but not great. Compared to the other songs, it’s pretty much a filler song. But it is conquering in its use of melodies. It is pleasant on the ears, but nothing truly stands out.

Where Churches Once Burned is completely annihilating — we’re back at the awesome tracks. This song will engulf you in a flame so excruciating you won’t be able to see anything past this song’s scorching flames. Each riff and drum-part only intensifies this fire, melting off your skin while it eats away at your insides. By the end of the song you’ll only be left as a pile of ash. Yet, sacrificing yourself to Unleashed is something I feel most people would glad volunteer.

I’m going to skip down and comment on the final track, Welcome the Son of Thor! Unleashed resurrects all of the amazing qualities of each song, but in a way that doesn’t leave the listener in a slump but rather wanting more. Very few bands can end an album in this brilliant manner, yet Unleashed proves to overpower the odds. This is why this band has remained iconic for this long.

There is no doubt Unleashed is one of the most forceful bands in existence. Dawn of the Nine proves that this band is unstoppable, and they will eternally live amongst us. Even with the album’s end, the war continues. This album wasn’t as besieging as I expected, but all wars need to have a strong and weak side. This war Unleashed set upon humanity so they can take control of the masses.


1. A New Day will Rise
2. They Came to Die
3.  Defenders of Midguard
4. Where is your God Now?
5. The Bolt Thrower6. Let the Hammer Fly
7. Where Churches Once Burned
8. Land of the Thousand Lakes
9. Dawn of the Nine
10. Welcome the Son of Thor!

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Playing Time: 45 Minutes


Johnny: Bass, Vocals
Tomas: Guitar
Fredrik: Guitar
Anders: Drums



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