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Unisonic – Unisonic (2012)


Many followers of heavy metal have prayed for this union for more than 15 years now (me included), Everyone knows Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen story and relevance in metal history since their time in Helloween back in the early 80’s, and later Kai Hansen‘s work with his own band Gamma Ray. Even though that Michael Kiske step out of the metal scene for more than 10 years. Destiny, chemistry and Avantasia put them on each other’s path once more now with Unisonic.

Unisonic is not a supergroup, but a band full of highly talented musicians. Michael Kiske on vocals, Kai Hansen and Mandy Meyer on guitars, Dennis Ward on bass guitar, and Kosta Zafiriou on drums created a unique sound putting together their musical backgrounds on this band. They released their first album self titled album Unisonic at the end of March and in May here in the US. The self titled song Unisonic opens the album and from the beginning you can notice the fierce riff attack of Hansen in guitar followed by Kiske‘s voice that give you flashbacks of a glorious past, and a prominent future. the song is melodic, fast and catchy. Souls Alive is a more rhythmic song that not only proves that Michael Kiske still got it, but his voice is more powerful now than ever before.

Unisonic – Unisonic (2012)

Never Too Late is a more hard rock song that it just pound you away, besides of having a great lyrical work on it. I’ve Tried is a softer song full of elements from soft rock to metal, a great guitar work with small riffs scattered all over the song. Star Rider has this kind of space aura all over it that at times is slow and then it builds up to a faster pace. Never Change is he catchiest song out of the album in which Kiske‘s voice becomes more deep something that I never heard on him before. Renegade is a nice ballad that gives balance to the album, and shows a great melodic work from the band.

My Sanctuary is another hard rock song very 90’s influenced full of attacking riffs and a couple of Haisen solos that gives personality to the song. We Rise is not only one of the most powerful songs of the album but the one with more guitar solos, this song has the name Kai Hansen written all over it. No One Ever Sees Me is a calm ballad that showcase the power and flexibility of Michael Kiske‘s voice from beginning to end. The album closes with a live version of I Want Out a Helloween classic from the Kiske/Haisen era, and that personally got me mixed emotions as the song sounds even better than back in the 80’s.

We Rise – Unisonic (2012)

Unisonic is not a continuation of the first Helloween era, is a new chapter that Kiske & Hansen would build up on a different direction guided by the chemistry to make music that they still have after 20 years. In a recent interview we did with Kai Hansen he pointed out that. “We don’t want to go in the same direction of Gamma Ray or old Helloween, but something more based on the hard rock side” Even though that the album is not as heavy as expected from many fans. It is a great musical journey that bring two legends of heavy metal together after all these years of both working on different things.

Track Listing:

  1. Unisonic
  2. Souls Alive
  3. Never Too Late
  4. I’ve Tried
  5. Star Rider
  6. Never Change Me
  7. Renegade
  8. My Sanctuary
  9. King for a Day
  10. We Rise
  11. No One Ever Sees Me
  12. I Want Out (live bonus track)

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