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Týr – Valkyrja (2013)


Everyone can agree that Týr has a very original one of a kind sound.  Hard to categorize but over all amazing from its melodies and powerful vocals.    Known for their amazing concept albums the bands latest release Valkyrja takes you on an incredible viking journey.  Stemming hundreds of years ago the story behind the songs are about a “Viking warrior who leave his woman to impress the Valkyrie on the battlefield so she may bring him to Valhalla, or to Fólkvangr, the home of Freyja—the goddess associated with love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, gold, sorcery, war, and death.”  Romance, war, death everything that makes a tale so epic.

The tracks on the album are very impressive.  As always the guitars & Heri Joensen vocals steal the songs.  Such a powerful voice and beautiful melodies accompanying it make the album sound magnificent.  Some tracks that really stood out on the album would be “Hath No Fury” when listening to the lyrics I think every woman could agree with it.  The album has a featured track where they had guest vocals done by  (Leaves Eyes) Liv Kristine on “The Lay of Our Love.”  Medieval Romance at its finest, Liv’s voice is very angelic and intertwined with Heri’s made the song sound very sweet.

Valkyrja has a very dreamy heroic and romantic feel to it, so of course in heavy metal styles the boys had to make things a bit more brutal.  The last two tracks on the album are cover songs by two of the greatest bands in metal history of course.  You can’t go wrong with Where Eagles Dare (Iron Maiden Cover) and Cemetery Gates (Pantera Cover)Heri did a really great job on Cemetery Gates considering its a totally opposite vocal style than he is use to.  The last two tracks were a fun surprise.

Valkyrja is a great album, I would say that everyone has fallen in love with Heri’s voice.  Týr’s style really sets them apart from other bands out there and has put them on the map for a reason.  Valkyrja is an excellent album.  So much thought was put into this album from inside and out.  The album cover is killer as well the striking blue vivid color scheme is eye-catching.  Definitely something everyone should listen to this year.

Track List:

1. Blood of Heroes

2. Mare of My Night

3. Hel Hath No Fury

4. The Lay of Our Love

5. Nation

6. Another Fallen Brother

7. Grindavísan

8. Into the Sky

9. Fánar Burtur Brandaljóð

10. Lady of the Slain

11. Valkyrja

12. Where Eagles Dare (Iron Maiden Cover)

13. Cemetery Gates (Pantera Cover)

Genre: Viking/Folk/Heavy Metal

Record Label: Metal Blade records

Playing Time: 66 minutes

Line Up:

Heri Joensen – vocals & guitar

Terji Skibenæs – guitar & backing vocals

Gunnar H. Thomsen – bass & backing vocals


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