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Turisas – Turisas 2013


There are many folk metal bands out there but only a few stand out to me.  When I think of black & red paint, the sound of majestic music that can transcend you into an epic journey I can only think of TurisasTurisas 2013 is the name of their 4th up coming album.  Now if you’ve followed the band from day one you can hear how they have really switched things up for this album.  It’s a new direction for sure, but they still managed to keep their core elements that define who they are.

Strange, unique & instrumental is the best interpretation of the opening track on the album.  One thing that all Turisas fans can agree on is how incredible their songs are because they tell a story and this one is a dark, illusive one.  Mathias Nygård vocal ranges are great as always, from highs and lows nothing less than stunning.

Some of the tracks on the album sound very personal raw (ex. Greek Fire) tone it has less harsh vocals like we are used to and is much more energetic than previous releases.  Hearing this and going back and listening to Stand Up & Fight you can hear the difference.  From a vocal stand point you can hear how much more organic this album sounds than the crisp clean sound we’ve become use to.

All the songs are upbeat and vibrant, and each has a special characteristic that stands out.  This has to be one of their shortest albums they’ve reduced their songs playing time then what they usually do. But every song seems to be inspired by something completely different.  I picked up the classical folk influence, a gypsy, seductive, dark, emotional and over all raw inspiration.  This is a different kind of album for Turisas but everyone can agree its very innovative and its nice to see a folk band step out of their comfort zones and cross into different boundaries.  It’s exciting to see what the future holds album 5 could even be a bigger surprise at this rate.


Track List:

01. For Your Own Good
02. Ten More Miles
03. Piece by Piece
04. Into The Free
05. Run Bhang-Eater, Run!
06. Greek Fire
07. The Days Passed
08. No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea
09. We Ride Together

Genre: Viking Metal

Label: Century Media

Line Up:

Mathias Nygård – Vocals
Jussi Wickström – Guitar
Jaakko Jakku – Drums
Jesper Anastasiadis – Bass
Olli Vänskä – Violin
Robert Engstrand – Keyboards

Playing Time: 40:20


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