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TSJUDER – Desert Northern Hell (2013)


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The black mass sacrifices and your satanic prayers have been answered yet again, once for the return of black metal heroes, Tsjuder, and now for the reissue of Desert Northern Hell (2004) with four additional live tracks previously unreleased and the Norwegian Apocalypse DVD. Desert Northern Hell made Tsjuder a house hold name amongst the black metal followers, and even critics had only good things to say about the album.

Welcoming you to the album is, Malignant Coronation. The song does not hesitate to let you know you are in for a chaotic, suspenseful, blistering album that will leave you feeling their presence in your gut.  The album does however break off into some groovy thrashyness and almost melodic genre cross over moments. Certain tracks, such as the intro to Mouth of Madness, gives almost a Celtic Frost atmosphere. The stand out track is Morbid Lust, an 11 minute anthem that showcases everything that is Tsjuder.

The four live tracks gives a real taste for the raw and bludgeoning sound Tsjuder has created for themselves. The only track I have yet to decide if I am a fan of or not is their cover of Bathory’s Sacrifice. Bathory is such a legendary band and covering a song by Bathory is a very ballsy move. So, I will leave that up to you to decide if you like the cover version or not. As for now I am still undecided.

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Track listing:

1 Malignant Coronation
2. Ghoul
3. Possessed
4. Lord of Swords
5. Helvete
6. Mouth of Madness
7. Unholy Paragon
8. Sacrifice
9. Morbid Lust
10. Primeval Fear (live)
11. Daemons Journey (live)
12. Beyond the Grave (live)
13. The Gate of Nanna (live)

Genre: Black Metal

Label: Season of Mist

Playing Time: 70 Minutes

Nag: Vocals, Bass
Draugluin: Guitar
Anti Christian: Drums


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