Apr 21

Tribune – Elder Lore The Dark Arts (2012)


The sound of crickets, frogs is only the themed intro to the first song off Elder Lore The Dark Arts called “It came From The Swamps.”  Death metal vocals start off the song and then soon after you hear clean vocals.  The song is very unpredictable in a good way because it shows wide ranges & diverse styles they can incorporate into each song.  The Succubus sounds like a very metal core influenced song that later has a very mellow chorus.  The dueling high low-pitched growls and clean vocals are different from most other bands who have done it.  The clean vocals on the track have a very unique sound that really stands out. 

“Chemistry Arrives,” speeds things up in a brutal manner.  The guitar rift in the song reminds me of Deicide with their track “Scars of the Crucifix.”  The next song off the album “The Warrior Mentality,” the song has a mixture of different elements of metal core and other styles.  I personally liked the guitar solo at 4:25 min. and after its followed by a high-pitched scream.  Really liked that part of the song and it’s a killer way to end a song with energy followed by a more calming tune that fades the song out.  ” Below,” the 5th song is good and keeps things moving along.  “We The Black,” will make you want to turn it up because of its high-pitched & growling vocals.  The hypotonic guitar rift at 2:08 was a very nice touch.    “Man On The Outside,” has an amazing guitar intro & then kicks it in gear with clean vocals again.  The song is very soothing to the ears it’s a good example of a great modern progressive metal song.  The last track off the album is The World’s Greatest Cynic, its a very slow track.  The song is very calm & the vocals make it seem as if a story was being told.  It was a great way to bring the album to a close.

Tribune’s new album Elder Lore The Dark Arts is very different from most other bands.  They definitely have their own original sound that is a mixture of metal core, death, & much more.  The band has incorporated different elements to create their songs.  The vocals & guitars really stand out and you can hear them transition into different styles.  Tribune did a great job making everything having a good flow and sound very natural.  Sometimes it can be difficult to mix all these styles but they did a great job.  Elder Lore The Dark Arts is a very original album that doesn’t sound like anything else out there.  It’s worth listening to because it can broaden your horizon and show you that a band doesn’t have to stick to a specific structure and they can express themselves any way they want.

Track List

1.  It Came From The Swamps

2.  The Succubus

3.  Chemistry Arrives

4.  The Warrior Mentality

5.  Below

6.  We The Black

7.  Man On The Outside

8.  The World’s Greatest Cynic


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