Apr 16

Trevor Strnad & Ryan Knight from The Black Dahlia Murder checked in with The Age Of Metal


The Black Dahlia Murder!  The most unique brutal band you’ll ever see.  The band has been around for quite a few years and just keep blowing fans away.  Their music, style and personalities really make the band stand out from everyone else out there.  They have come a really long way over the years and have created a giant fan base for themselves.  This amazing talented band is fronted by some of the most down to earth funniest people who are Trevor Strnad (Vocals), Brian Eschbach (Guitars), Shannon Lucas (Drums), Ryan “Bart” Williams (Bass) &  Ryan Knight (Guitars).  Their latest album “Ritual,” released through Metal Blade Records has been very successful and is different from their older material but proves the band is growing expanding and just keeps killing it.

On April 6th at The Nile Theater in Mesa AzThe Black Dahlia Murder hit the stage along with support from Skeletonwitch & NileThe Black Dahlia Murder tore the place to shreds.  Every one of their fans is die-hard and went wild.  Frontman Trevor really knows how to get the crowd pumped.  Everyone was screaming and moshing as hard as they could and you could feel the energy from the band and crowd radiate from each other.  It was an amazing night and they had a killer set list.  They played: A Shrine to Madness, Moonlight Equilibrium, What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse, A Vulgar Picture, Malenchantments of the Necrosphere, Conspiring With the Damned, Necropolis, Den of the Picquerist, Carbonized in Cruciform, Everything Went Black, Miasma, On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood, I Will Return, Blood in the Ink, Deathmask Divine, & Funeral Thirst.

The Age of Metal was able to talk to Trevor Strnad & Ryan Knight while they were in town.  We were able to discuss the tour, new album, and much more.

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