Apr 28

Toxic Holocaust – From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction (2013)


From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction is a 22 song compilation cd featuring past classic, rare tracks & vinyl only splits that they did with Municipal Waste, Midnight and many others.  The combination of thrash, punk and other influences can only create Toxic Holocaust’s unique sound.  Knitty gritty evil sounding thrash at its finest.  For all fans out there this album is a great collection to have.

Nothing longer than 4 minutes and 6 seconds, Toxic Holocaust songs are always short sweet and to the point.  Joel Grind’s voice is very original and recognizable.  There are so many tracks to choose from that are fan favorites on this album.  Thrashing Death from the Evil Never Dies sounds like pure evil.  The album bounces back and forth featuring selected songs of each on of their cd’s they have released over the years.

Death Camp off the Hell On Earth album is a killer song.  Its filled with speed and some of the harshest sounding vocals ever.  One of the sickest songs off the album has to be “Nuke the Cross” it always gets the pit going.  Released in 2008 the  ‘An Overdose of Death’ album had several hits and Nuke the Cross was surely one of them.  Bitch & Agony Of The Damned were tracks off the Conjure and Command album which was released in 2011.  That album sounded different from their previous album the recording on it was very clear and the vocals were easy to understand.  Two great thrash bands coming together and collaborating on a track is the greatest thing ever and should be done more often.  Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust released a split EP together called “Toxic Waste.”  The last track on this album is off that EP Altar-ed States.  It’s a really great track and you can hear both sides really shine.

From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction a collection through time and one every fan should have.  The song selection on the album is sick and should be appreciated in its entirety

Track List:

01. Intro
02. Metal Attack
03. Deathmaster
04. Created To Kill
05. Ready To Fight
06. Arise From The Cemetery
07. Thrashing Death
08. Send Them To Hell
09. Never Stop The Massacre
10. Army Of One
11. Death Camp
12. Reaper’s Grave
13. Death Brings Death
14. In The Name Of Science
15. Nuke The Cross
16. Suicide Eye
17. 666
18. Bitch
19. Agony Of The Damned
20. A.T.O.M.I.C.
21. We Bring ‘Em Hell
22. Altar-ed States

Genre: Thrash/Punk Metal

Record Label: Relapse Records

Playing Time: 57 Minutes

Line Up:

Joel Grind – Vocals/Guitar
Phil Gnaast  – Bass
Nicholas T. Rage – Drums




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