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Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry of Consciousness (2013)



Toxic Holocaust quickly became a legendary band in the thrash metal underground. Unlike their modern-day thrash counterparts, Toxic Holocaust took it one step further: fusing the rapid punk style with the ruthless metal feel. This is a band that stands out, yet obtains a sound that is tasteful and unique. On October 29, Toxic Holocaust released their fifth studio album Chemistry of Consciousness. Out of all of their albums, this one focuses more on the punk-influences, resulting in their most pounding and fastest release yet.

You really hear the mesh of punk in metal in a track like Rat Eater. The beginning of the song consists of a melodic chord, then going into an exhilarating punk-infused track with fast riffs and rough vocals. Salvation is Waiting is by far the most aggressive track on the album. The riffing in this song is ruthless, the drumming is nefarious and it’s filled with several energetic parts that make you want to mosh. Out Of The Fire is the most catchy and powerful song on the album. Acid Fuzz is comprised of a trippy and heart-pumping riff-extravaganza. It’s definitely one of the most fun songs.

The theme of the album has to do with how the brain reacts to hallucinogens. Because of this, one of the tracks that stood out to me was Mkultra. Not being familiar with the term, I looked it up. Pronounced like MK-Ultra, it was a study led by chemist Sidney Gottlieb who in 1999 gave LSD to several unknowing participants. One committed suicide; the rest apparently suffered permanent psychological damage. I remember main-man Joel Grind mentioning this in my interview with him. As far as the song goes, it’s a chant-y track full of vigor and ruthlessness.

Chemistry of Consciousness is the most vigorous album released this year. Each velocity-induced and relentless track will enter your brain and cause pure insanity. The lyrical theme of drug-filled dementia intertwines flawlessly with the vitality of the music. Toxic Holocaust will be touring North America starting on October 31. If they’re going anywhere near you, be prepared to rage.



01. Awaken The Serpent
02. Silence
03. Rat Eater
04. Salvation Is Waiting
05. Out Of The Fire
06. Acid Fuzz
07. Deny The Truth
08. Mkultra
09. I Serve…
10. International Conspiracy
11. Chemistry Of Consciousness

Genre: Punk/Thrash Metal

Label: Relapse Records

Playing Time: 28:05


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