May 20

Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica talks Stones Grow Her Name with The Age Of Metal


It’s not doubt that Sonata Arctica is considered one of the greatest power metal bands along with Stratovarius, Hammerfall and Edguy. But their style has moved forward pass the power metal scene during their last two albums to become something more dynamic musically speaking. This year the band is releasing their 7th studio album Stones Grow Her Name, a total different album of what Sonata Arctica has done before, mostly because the simplicity of it which makes it more approachable to people unfamiliar with their music.

The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Tony Kakko frontman of Sonata Arctica about the process behind Stones Grow Her Name, the meaning behind some of the songs, the band’s touring plans, and even hockey as we conducted the interview while Finland was playing for the bronze metal at the Ice Hockey World Championship this year hosted by Finland and Sweden

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